Singer’s Warsaw Festival in Sieradz

10 SEPTEMBER 2016, Saturday


14.00  Challah on the table during holidays, i.e. mitzvah. Tradition and recipes – the presentation and workshops on how to braid the challah conducted by Hanna Kossowska

The workshops will cover stories about the origins of challot, about the temple and the Bread of Presence, about mitzvah connected with preparing the dough and types of challah and finally about how to braid them.

Hanna Kossowska studied art history and ethnography as well as painting and graphic art. Currently, she runs kashrut, halacha, Yiddishkeit and Jewish art workshops. Her interests include painting, graphic art and jewelry design. Her accomplishments include more than a dozen exhibitions and costume and stage designs.

 Cultural Information Center, 18 Rynek

To sign up please call + 48 43 826 61 10 or write to:, limited availability


16:00 Israeli dance show and workshops conducted by Monika Leszczyńska

The workshops will include presentation of the dance choreographies to the vibrant Israeli music. For those who would like to try it, there will be an opportunity to learn basic steps, typical for Israeli dances. Dance workshops may be the best way to present the Israeli dance, because they offer an opportunity to experience it in a very personal way. Israeli dance leaves space for people to express themselves and at the same time, it provides joint steps that enable one to feel part of a group. Part of the Israeli culture, the dances express the same sort of power that has rebuilt the country and revived the language – and created a unique dance culture, while such process usually takes ages. I would like to invite you to dream on and make your dreams come true in dancing. (Monika Leszczyńska)

Monika Leszczyńska – Poland’s first instructor of Israeli dance. She has been running Sunnit dance ensemble since 1998 and cofounded other groups in other cities, she completed an enormous number of workshops and is truly dedicated to the idea of promoting Israeli dance.

Market Square, open air event

Free admission


17.00 Opening of the exhibition “The visa to life – diplomats who saved Jews”

 It is a fantastic postscript to the bestiality of our times, since for thousands of people, a piece of paper with a stamp on it can determine life or death. [Dorothy Thompson, journalist]

The Parliament of Israel decided that Yad Vashem Institute, on behalf of the Israeli nation, will memorialize the Righteous Among the Nations who risked their lives in order to save Jews. Up until today, almost 26 thousand people have been awarded.

Only few of them were diplomats, however, their actions led to saving dozens of thousands of Jews. The presented exhibition shows only the stories of several of them, including Raoul Wallenberg, Chiune Sgihara and Feng-Shan Ho.

Event organized in cooperation with the Israeli Embassy in Poland

Sieradz Cultural Center, 19 Dominikańska St.

Free admission


18.30 The Townhouse on Nalewki St. – the stage show of the Jewish Theatre

Directed by: Szymon Szurmiej, Gołda Tencer, script: Ryszard Marek Groński, Szymon Szurmiej, Gołda Tencer, stage design: Ewa Łaniecka, choreography: Tomasz Tworkowski, assistant: Barbara Szeliga

Cast: Ewa Dąbrowska, Monika Chrząstowska, Sylwia Najah, Joanna Przybyłowska, Izabella Rzeszowska, Monika Soszka, Ernestyna Winnicka, Genady Iskhakow, Henryk Rajfer, Dawid Szurmiej, Marek Węglarski, Wojciech Wiliński; dancers: Mariusz Bach, Paweł Osuch, Paweł Otworowski, Maciej Włodarczyk

Accompaniment: Dorota Boruch-Żołnacz (clarinet), Tomasz Dziubiński (percussion), Mateusz Dobosz (double bass), Ludwik Skrzypek (accordion, synthesizer), Marek Wroński (violin), under music supervision of Teresa Wrońska (piano)

The show “The Townhouse on Nalewki St.” has been enjoying a continuous popularity for 16 years. It was staged in Krynica Zdrój, Katowice and Częstochowa, among others, and Sieradz’s audience will see it for the first time.

The artists of the Jewish Theatre will take You on a journey to places that no longer exist but are echoed in the melodies, voices of the street singers and mothers’ calls who remind their children that the soup and the Shabbat chulent is getting cold. To the one and only world showing everyday life of Jews living at Warsaw’s Nalewki Street. You can find anything here: quarrels of the gossip girls, plots of the matchmakers, doctor’s advices, Shabbat evenings, lovers meetings and the courtyard music bands. Such Nalewski Street was the symbol of the Jewish world – a lively, never-sleeping, humorous place. Rest assured that laughter will accompany you during the whole evening.

Supporting event organized in cooperation with the City Hall of Sieradz and Sieradz Cultural Center

 City Theatre, Sieradz Cultural Center, 19 Dominikańska St.

 Tickets, PLN 5, available online at and as of 1 September in the ticket office of Sieradz Cultural Center