D’OR Dawid |IL|

David D’Or is one of the biggest singers in the history of the Israeli music scene. Born in Israel, the talented countertenor who has been gifted with the unique 4-octave voice comes from the Libyan family of cantors and has been composing and performing his original music compositions. Despite fantastic abilities predisposing him for the career of opera singer, he decided not to link his career with any of the big stages. Instead, with the help of musicians who come from various countries and backgrounds, he records his original albums and gives numerous concerts, including the most renowned opera houses and symphony halls in New York, Vienna, Moscow, Beijing, Las Vegas, Rome, Budapest and Shanghai enchanting the audiences from Europe, Middle East and both Americas. He gave performances for popes, presidents and royals. He has also received numerous awards and prizes for his music and his records are immensely popular, hitting platinum and double platinum status.

Dawid dOr


DAWID Christian |DE|

Christian Dawid is an internationally renowned clarinetist in world music and beyond. Drawing from a multitude of influences including classical, jazz and ethnic music, he is known for his work in Yiddish and other East-European styles.
Dawid has performed with such artists as Brave Old World, Arkady Gendler, Frank London, The Other Europeans, Socalled, Alan Bern, Budowitz, Theodore Bikel, Lorin Sklamberg, Shura Lipovsky, and Khupe, on many stages in North America, Europe and Japan.
He currently leads Trio Yas and the Ukrainian brass band Konsonans Retro, performs for Daniel Kahn & The Painted Bird, Paul Brody’s Sadawi, and appears as a guest artist with a growing number of international ensembles. He composes and arranges for his own ensembles, and has conducted a widely recognised project to document, arrange, record and publish the original music of legendary Yiddish singer Arkady Gendler.

“World class clarinetist with a magically lyrical phrasing” JÜDISCHE ALLGEMEINE



Steven Spielberg was delighted with them when he saw them in Cracow while making Schindler’s List. He also played the clarinet with the trio as well as invited them to perform in Jerusalem. The band has also captivated Peter Gabriel – they have guest appeared at the Womad Festival, one of the biggest in the world, organized by his private record company. Many years later, when the co-founder of the legendary group Genesis has been invited to Life Festval in Oświęcim, he chose them as participants of the concert and they have performed jointly during the finale. They have also appeared many times with another British musician, famous violinist Nigel Kennedy. The collabration resulted in the ‘East Meets East’ album released by EMI. These successes sufficiently demonstrate the scale of Cracow trio’s artistic accomplishments. Through the years, the group has enjoyed fame not only in Poland but also in Germany (where they published their subsequent albums), Spain and the Nordic countries.


LEMMER Yaakov |US|

Yaakov ‘Yanky’ Lemmer – world-famous cantor of the young generation. He started his career as the solo artists of Behtel Choir, supervised by Benzion Miller. As an internationally recognized artist, he has been performing for audiences around the globe. In addition, he also took part in many festivals in Europe. His versatile repertoire includes works representing Yiddish culture, but also opera, Broadway and other compositions.




Miri Mesika, Israeli singer and actress, she won several titles of the Song of the Year in Israel. Miri has started to study music as a child and published her first record in 2005. Although it has been only slightly more than 10 years since she celebrated her first music success, she has sold the impressive 200,000 records in Israel alone. As the actress, she performed in several movie features and TV shows. She also took part in the production of the National Habima Theatre in Tel-Aviv that was awarded the title of the Musical of the Year in 2005. Miri Mesika also combines her music and acting talent having performed, recorded and sung in, among others, “Shalosh Ima’ot.” Recently, she has been guest starring in movies acting as herself. Her huge popularity led her to take the position of the judge during the Israeli version of “Idol” in 2012 and in 2016 she became the couch in “The Voice of Israel.”

Miri Mesika

KICIŃSKA Magdalena

Magdalena Kicińska – journalist, writer, editor. Her articles were published in main Polish opinion-forming weeklies. MA in Political Science (University of Warsaw), graduated from Polish School of Reportage, a prestigious course given by the best Polish writers, journalists and editiors and  Warsaw Film School. Since 2011 associated with ‘Gazeta Wyborcza’, the top selling opinion-forming newspaper in Poland (reportages on social issues), writing also for “Tygodnik Powszechny”. Her articles and journalistic projects were nominated for several awards, including The Journalist Award from Foundation of Teresa Torańska and Ryszard Kapuscinski Scholarship Competition, also received the Scholarship of the Minister of Culture and National Heritage of the Republic of Poland. Her reportages were published in a number of books. Author of the book “Pani Stefa” (Czarne 2015), which received several prestigious literary awards. Lives in Warsaw.

Fot. Mikołaj Grynberg


Urodziła się i mieszka w Warszawie. W latach 1960 – 1971 wychowanka malarza i pedagoga prof. Zygmunta Madejskiego. W 1971 – 1974 uczyła się w pracowniach prof. Janusza Przybylskiego i prof. Stefana Gierowskiego w Akademii Sztuk Pięknych w Warszawie.
Zajmuje się głównie malarstwem, ale również rysunkiem, ilustracją książek, projektami plakatów, znaków graficznych, grafiką, grafiką komputerową, fotografią i rzeźbą. Ma na swoim koncie kilkadziesiąt dużych wystaw indywidualnych w Polsce i zagranicą oraz udział w licznych wystawach zbiorowych. Jej prace znajdują się w wielu kolekcjach prywatnych i galeriach w kraju i na świecie. Należy do grupy twórczej PositiveArt skupiającej artystów zrzeszonych w OW ZPAP i trzyosobowej grupy twórczej Bratnie Dusze.

fot. Jacek Barcz


Witold Dąbrowski

Actor, story teller, deputy director of Lublin’s center “Brama Grodzka – Teatr NN,” a self-governmental cultural institution working for the public benefit in the field of cultural heritage. The center has been developed as a result of the evolving profile of the NN Theatre, which started to engage not only in artistic activities but also projects dedicated to recalling the forgotten history of the Jewish community in Lublin. It is known for the art and educational projects, an exhibition in Brama Grodzka, as well as small theatrical forms. In addition to his stage performances, Witold Dąbrowski is also a playworker and organizer; his accomplishments include International Festival “Following Singer’s Footsteps.”

witek dobrowski_fot._Maurycy_ButrynPhoto: Maurycy Butryn

Jan Szurmiej

Jan Szurmiej graduate of the Acting Studio operating by the Jewish Theatre, actor of the Jewish Theatre in 1971–1991. In 1991-95, he was the General Director and Artistic Director of the music theatres: Capitol in Wrocław and Roma in Warsaw. His roles include: Hunon in “The Dybbuk,” Happy in “Death of A Salesman,” Benio Krzyk in “Dusk” and Christian Hortkopf in “Jacob and Ezawa.” He has been cooperating with numerous theatres in Poland and abroad, directing, working as stage manager and choreographer. His output includes over 100 directed ventures such as: “The Magicians of Lublin,” “Wielka woda,” “Zorba.” In the Jewish Theatre, he directed “Fiddler on the Roof,” “Strasza gospoda” and “Ach! Odessa – Mama…” He also played in many movies and TV shows: “Sanatorium pod klepsydrą,” “The Dybbuk,” “Austeria,” “Szulerze” and “Faceci do wzięcia.” In appreciation for his artistic achievements he received many theatre awards and state decorations.

Photo: Artist’s collection


Hanna Kossowska – visual artist, actress, teacher and mashgicha, that is the keeper of the kosher in the Warsaw Jewish Commune (checks whether the meals are prepared according to the kosher rules).

2 kossowska
Fot. Archiwum organizatora


Etel Szyc – actress, teacher of the Jewish culture, works in the Jewish school Lauder-Morasha in Warsaw, she has been carrying out workshops for children and adults throughout the country.

LR7A9599 2400x3600
Fot. Marta Kuśmierz


Actor, journalist, president of Drugi Plan Foundation, which he founded and editor of the website www.mariuszgorczynski.pl. Cooperates with the editorial “Stolica”, “Słowo żydowskie”, “Południe. Głos Warszawiaków” and the portal Warszawa.pl.


Photo: Gabriela Bidzińska-Dajbor


Director, movie producer, teacher, graphic artist who has written 18 movie screenplays and several books.


Photo: Renata Pajchel


Anna Rozenfeld, a researcher of Jewish history, Yiddish language and culture; a painter and an actress. In the past performed at the Estera Rachel and Ida Kamińska Jewish Theatre in Warsaw. Presently she pursues her own artistic and educational projects, she co-operates with multiple institutions and festivals related to the Jewish culture in Poland and abroad. The recipient of the Research Fellowship at the YIVO Institute for Jewish Research in New York (2014-2015).

anna rozenfeld
Photo: Jola Retelska


Dr Karolina Szymaniak –  researcher, translator, and Yiddish instructor, Assistant Professor at the Department of Jewish Studies (University of Wroclaw) and at the Jewish Historical Institute, where she heads the Yiddish Language Unit. A long-time collaborator of the Center for Yiddish Culture in Warsaw. She has taught Yiddish and modern Jewish cultures in Poland and across Europe, in France, Lithuania, Ukraine and Israel. Author and editor of several books and numerous articles about Yiddish avant-garde and modernism, gender studies, and Jewish Polish cultural relations. Her recent book, an edition of Rachel Auerbach’s ghetto writings, was awarded the 2016 “Polityka” best Historical Book Award, in the category: editions of historical sources.


Photo: Monika Szabłowska-Zaręba