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Yaakov ‘Yanky’ Lemmer – world-famous cantor of the young generation. He started his career as the solo artists of Behtel Choir, supervised by Benzion Miller. As an internationally recognized artist, he has been performing for audiences around the globe. In addition, he also took part in many festivals in Europe. His versatile repertoire includes works representing Yiddish culture, but also opera, Broadway and other compositions.




Merlin Shepherd’s clarinet provides the perfect foil for his deep musicality. Whether he’s playing traditional Klezmer with the Sound&Light Cinematic Duo or wild ecstatic music with his quintet Hamsa or with Frank London’s Klezmer Brass Allstars and Boban Marcovic, or free-form wailing with Aaron Alexander’s Midrash Mish-Mosh, his music is a powerful and emotional force that redefines the instrument.

His unique musical voice can be experienced on his debut solo CD of original material, Intimate Hopes & Terrors, a unique collaboration with 10 of the top Klezmer musicians from the former Soviet Union.

Has been Musical Director for The Royal National Theatre, Royal Shakespeare Company and Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre, London. He was also Klezmer Advisor for the Royal Shakespeare Company for their 1992 production of Anski’s The Dybbuk. Composed scores for numerous dance and theatre companies. He is now working internationally with his quintet Hamsa.



Whilst living in Kazan (capital of Tatarstan, Russia) and studying at the State Academy, Polina joined Russia′s first klezmer band after Perestroika, Simcha and toured in dark Soviet theatres, to Boris Yeltsin and to the World in 1998-2002.

She is one of the first generation of musicians of the Yiddish revival scene in Eastern Europe: acting as a programme director, educator and performer she has been involved in festivals, conferences and seminars in Russia, Ukraine, France, Germany, Britain, the USA, Brazil.

Now living in Britain, Polina leads three choirs and continues to tour internationally as a Yiddish and Russian singer. About 100 compositions including music for theatre shows, large scale choir compositions, settings for Yiddish poems are performed by soloists and choirs all over the world.



Lorin Sklamberg – lead singer of the Grammy winning Klezmatics, a leading exponent of Yiddish song and traditional Jewish vocal techniques.

The legendary music critic Robert Christgau has described Lorin Sklamberg’s voice as “transcendent, ethereal and sensual,” … Since the creation of the Klezmatics, Sklamberg has continued to find his voice and apply it to a number of disciplines. He has also worked for the YIVO Institute for Jewish Research for almost 25 years, currently as its Sound Archivist. For 14 years he was the coordinator of KlezKamp: The Yiddish Folk Arts Program, and cofounded Living Traditions.

Lorin can be heard on some 50 CDs, and also composes and performs for film, dance, stage and circus, produces recordings, and teaches and lectures from Sao Paulo to London, from Paris to Kiev and St. Petersburg…



Hanna Kossowska – visual artist, actress, teacher and mashgicha, that is the keeper of the kosher in the Warsaw Jewish Commune (checks whether the meals are prepared according to the kosher rules).

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Etel Szyc – actress, teacher of the Jewish culture, works in the Jewish school Lauder-Morasha in Warsaw, she has been carrying out workshops for children and adults throughout the country.

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Fot. Marta Kuśmierz


Actor, journalist, president of Drugi Plan Foundation, which he founded and editor of the website www.mariuszgorczynski.pl. Cooperates with the editorial “Stolica”, “Słowo żydowskie”, “Południe. Głos Warszawiaków” and the portal Warszawa.pl.


Photo: Gabriela Bidzińska-Dajbor


Director, movie producer, teacher, graphic artist who has written 18 movie screenplays and several books.


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Dr Karolina Szymaniak –  researcher, translator, and Yiddish instructor, Assistant Professor at the Department of Jewish Studies (University of Wroclaw) and at the Jewish Historical Institute, where she heads the Yiddish Language Unit. A long-time collaborator of the Center for Yiddish Culture in Warsaw. She has taught Yiddish and modern Jewish cultures in Poland and across Europe, in France, Lithuania, Ukraine and Israel. Author and editor of several books and numerous articles about Yiddish avant-garde and modernism, gender studies, and Jewish Polish cultural relations. Her recent book, an edition of Rachel Auerbach’s ghetto writings, was awarded the 2016 “Polityka” best Historical Book Award, in the category: editions of historical sources.


Photo: Monika Szabłowska-Zaręba