All That Jazz on the Jewish Culture Festival Singer’s Warsaw

25 August – 2 September

Jazz lovers know that Singer’s Warsaw Festival is one of the most interesting jazz events on Warsaw’s jazz calendar. This year, the program is exceptionally rich because the Festival’s edition is special – double jubilee. It is the 15th anniversary of the Festival and the 30th anniversary of the Shalom Foundation – the founder and the executive body behind the event.

Our Festival is a bridge connecting tradition and modernity, it is a tribute to the exceptional heritage and openness to novelties, freshness and experiments. We are not afraid of daring artistic projects, we welcome uncompromising, open artists. This is Singer’s Warsaw, says Gołda Tencer, the founder and the artistic director of Warsaw’s Jewish Culture Festival.

Concerts, meetings and workshops will take place in various locations in Warsaw, mainly in Kwadrat Theatre, the Nożyk Synagogue, on the Summer Stage of the Jewish Theatre, in Harenda Club and in the Austrian Cultural Forum. Concerts will be given by excellent, appreciated and long-awaited musicians from Poland and many other corners of the world. International bands and ensembles, unexpected connections, multicultural music projects will ensure a high and original level of concerts.  Every jazz lover will find something worth taking part in.

The artistic director of Singer Jazz Festival is Adam Baruch, the notable music critic. With his help, the Festival will feature not just the concerts and musical workshops, but will also offer the opportunity to meet the favorite musicians. The series of meetings TELL ME YOUR STORY will be a unique chance to listen to what the celebrities have to say about themselves, their artistic output and creative contexts. Adam Baruch’s guests will include Kenneth Dahl Knudsen, Theo Jörgensmann, Verneri Pohjola and Dominique Pifarély.


And what will be happening on Festival’s stages?

The inaugurating concert will be given by Oleś Brothers and Theo Jörgensmann, who, after a few years apart meet again on the Festival’s jazz scene featuring their concert entitled TRANSGRESSION. Theo Jörgensmann – German instrumentalist recognized as one of the most remarkable artists of the jazz clarinet sound and Oleś Brothers featuring Marcin Oleś (double bass) Bartłomiej Oleś (percussion), are the top Polish jazzmen and improvisation artists. Their original approach to music can be examined on nearly forty released albums. They have the status of one of the most creative artists on the Polish and European music scene. As a trio, they have been working together constantly since 2003. For years, they have worked on their own, unique style. Presented on the Festival, their latest album is the essence of the style exactly – the voices of three music individualists come together creating the music that is full of narration, virtuosity, beautiful melodies and steaming with jazz dynamism.

Theo Joergensmann, photo by Press materials of the artist

 It will not be the only concert featuring Theo Jörgensmann. He will also perform with three young, interesting jazz bands. The first one being the Sundial Trio – Wojciech Jachna (trumpet), Grzegorz Tarwid (piano), Albert Karch (percussion), the second is the group em3 featuring Emil Miszk (trumpet), Adam Żuchowski (double bass) and Sławomir Koryzno (percussion), whereas, the third one will be Stanisław Słowiński Trio, featuring: Stanisław Słowiński (violin), Justyn Małodobry (double bass) and Dawid Fortuna (percussion). The concerts will take place in Harenda Club.

 The international stars will include Dominique Pifarély, the famous French violinist, who will give his performance during the concert entitled VIOLIN SUMMIT. He will be accompanied by Adam Bałdych and Mateusz Smoczyński as well as RGG Trio featuring Łukasz Ojdana, Maciej Garbowski and Krzysztof Gradziuk.

Dominique Pifarély

Kenneth Dahl Knudsen’s quintet featuring an international lineup will present compositions from their latest album called TÉTÉ. Right next to the Danish composer and bandleader we will see equally congenial musicians: Miami-based Israeli saxophonist, Uri Gurvich, Costarican percussion artist, playing with Julio Iglesias on an everyday basis, Rodolfo Zuniga, the rising star of the French jazz piano music, Gauthier Toux and the very talented Polish-Congolese guitarist, Brian Massaka. The roots of the musical inspirations for the compositions featured on the album TÉTÉ are in the rhythms of Africa and Latin America, whereas, in terms of expression, they resort to the Jewish folk songs. They also draw from generally defined European music tradition. But first and foremost, they are very bold, pioneering compositions.

And a concert that is promised to be particularly lyrical, WOMAN IN BLACK, featuring Sasha Strunin – Polish singer with Russian roots and Gary Guthman Quartet and the leader, Gary Guthman – American trumpet player living in Poland, Piotr Wrombel (piano), Paweł Pańta (double bass) and Cezary Konrad (percussion). This is a “jazz noir” music story about the transition of a very young girl into a conscious woman and a mature artist. The excellent compositions and modern arrangements by Gary Guthman combine swing and jazz with contemporary sounds supported by the singer in this beautiful story about womanhood make up for a wonderful musical show.

There will also be many famous and loved Polish celebrities. Jazz Band Młynarski-Masecki will perform a concert called NOC W WIELKIM MIEŚCIE [NIGHT AND THE CITY]. An excellent pianist, Marcin Masecki has joined forces with Jan Emil Młynarski and together they launched a band that resorts to the old tradition of Polish jazz bands between the world wars. Jazz Band’s repertoire includes swing compositions that are mostly unknown today. There will also be several unique tangos, the music that made Polish composers famous around the world. The whole venture focuses on the spirit of Adam Aston, a well-known, prewar Polish popular singer, Henryk Wars, the most important Polish prewar pianist, arranger and composer as well as Jerzy Petersburski and brothers Artur and Henryk Gold. Marcin’s arrangements and Janek’s voice give the compositions a breath of fresh air making the music more up to date and functional, for dancing and for thrills.

Dorota Miśkiewicz’s fans will be happy to hear that the singer will also perform during Singer Jazz Festival. She will be accompanied by the pianists: Włodzimierz Nahorny, Marcin Wasilewski and Piotr Orzechowski as well as Atom String Quartet featuring Dawid Lubowicz (violin), Mateusz Smoczyński (violin), Michał Zaborski (viola), Krzysztof Lenczowski (cello). Entitled PIANO.PL, the concert is a continuation of the unprecedented venture that took place in May 2016 in Warsaw, during which Dorota Miśkiewicz was joined on the stage by more than a dozen of the most remarkable Polish pianists representing three generations. In her concert, Dorota Miśkiewicz will pay a tribute to Polish pianism. The piano is Polish specialty, with so many excellent musicians, the pianists in Poland are the ones taking the lead, she says. From Frédéric Chopin, an excellent composer, pianist and… Improviser! –  to the world famous Krzysztof Komeda. The recording of the concert was greatly appreciated by the music circles and in addition to the nomination to 2016 Fryderyk Award, it brought Dorota Miśkiewicz and the album itself many other prestigious awards and prizes. Singer’s Warsaw Festival’s audience will have a unique chance to listen to a slightly “smaller” but no less impressive and remarkable presentation of the one and only venture of Dorota Miśkiewicz and the top Polish pianists at once.

Nahorny2_fot. Piotr Gruchała
Włodzimierz Nahorny, photo by Piotr Gruchała

CONTEMPORARY SONUS, the musical project will be presented by RGG group together with Verneri Pohjola, a Helsinki-based trumpet player and composer. RGG band will feature: Łukasz Ojdana – an expressive pianist representing a younger generation of the European musicians, Maciej Grabowski – a double bassist who explores the motives from the 20th century artists and binds his compositions with Slavic lyricism and Krzysztof Gradziuk – recognized as one of the most original percussion players on the contemporary European music stages.

We welcome all jazz lovers, music lovers and everyone who enjoys creative fusions, unexpected associations and impossible combinations to come and join the jazz fiesta. Anything can happen during Singer Jazz Festival!


The Jubilee 15th Jewish Culture Festival – Singer’s Warsaw. International and multicultural. Stars and young artistic discoveries

25 August – 2 September 2018

This will be a special, Jubilee, 15th edition of the Jewish Culture Festival.

Extremely lavish, full of stars and young artists. 9 days of the cultural feast, more than 200 events, over 250 artists from Poland and other corners of the world. Multiple musical and theatrical genres, a mixture of styles and trends – and it all comes with one common denominator: inspired by both traditional and contemporary Jewish culture.

Singer Festival is a renowned brand and Warsaw’s cultural showcase. Every year, at the end of summer holidays and the beginning of the new school year the areas surrounding Grzybowski Square, the Synagogue and Próżna Street become an epicenter of festival events. But the festival wave will take whole Warsaw: theatres, concert halls, music centers, clubs and cafes, outdoor locations from East to West of the city – all will offer concerts, shows, film screenings, dance workshops, walks and literary meetings. Spread over several days, this will be the time and a cultural feast of the city with something interesting for everyone.

The 15th Festival will be truly international. Our guests will come from Israel, USA, Germany, France, Denmark, Belgium, Spain and Japan. International music bands and theatre groups will prove that art is beyond, that it connects, enriches and inspires. Singer’s Warsaw is a multicultural feast which shows that the intermingling and intertwining of cultures can set a creative sparkle and a path of artistic development, it can crash bad emotions and social tensions, make us realize that we are a community of people who dream about beauty, good and peace.
Music – from cantors to the Japanese street marching band

As every year, we will host stars and young, original artists.
The Festival will be inaugurated by the grand, première concert of cantors in the Nożyk Synagogue. This year, brothers Yaakov and Shulem Lemmer from the United States will give performance. They will be joined on stage by the cantoral choir Kolot Israel (Israeli Voices) from Jerusalem.

The Festival’s finale will feature the show of the gripping and charismatic violinist, Ara Malikian, who mixes and blends Jewish, Arabic, Argentinian, Spanish and Roma themes in his music. We will hear surprising interpretations of classical masterpieces composed by, nonetheless, Vivaldi, Mozart, Paganini, the iconic compositions by Led Zeppelin, Jimi Hendrix and David Bowie as well as pieces written originally by the amazing artist. Malikian’s concert is a show during which the unique violin playing comes with the amazing choreography, dance, costumes, colors and special effects. It’s a force of nature!

AraMalikian (live)-7
Ara Malikian, photo by Press materials of the artist

Between the inauguration and the finale, we will hear 9 concerts given by the outstanding Polish and international musicians. The Jubilee Festival will host and feature: the famous violinist, Dominique Pifarély from France, Kenneth Dahl Knudsen’s quintet (Denmark) with international lineup presenting the tracks from the latest album TÉTÉ. Dorota Miśkiewicz with Atom Street Quartet will give the concert PIANO.PL. We will also hear Gary Gutman in his joint music project, WOMAN IN BLACK, which he prepared with the vocalist Sasha Strunin, as well as Włodzimierz Nahorny, Marcin Wyrostek, Adam Bałdych, Mateusz Smoczyński. Whereas, the jazz reveal of the festival will be launched by TRANSGRESSION project of Oleś Brothers & Theo Jörgensmann who will meet again on the jazz scene of Singer’s Warsaw Festival. This year, the musical event of the festival will be the latest project of Jazz Band Młynarski-Masecki who will play a truly mesmerizing collection of songs written and composed during twenty years of peace between the two world wars – a new life for the works of Henryk Wars, Jerzy Petersburski, Artur and Henryk Gold.

Dorota Miśkiewicz, photo by Honorata Karapuda / Universal Music Polska

We will have an opportunity to meet an unusual group from Japan. Jinta-la-Mvta blends modern Tokio street music with traditional Klezmer and Balkan themes.

jinta mvta
Jinta-la-Mvta, photo by Press materials of the band

During their concert, JEWISH LIFE, PORTRAITS OF THE PAST, MazikDuo will offer the fans more classical sounds. Here, the classical and klezmer music will interlace, masterfully arranged by the clarinet player, Tolo Genestar and the pianist, Marc Sumsi.
And if you like music and humor, you will be happy to hear about the new program, TOGETHER WITH BROTHERS, featuring Sława Przybylska and Janusz Tylman who will traditional and modern Jewish songs in Yiddish and Hebrew. Furthermore, WoWaKin Trio will introduce us to modern arrangements of traditional Polish folk pieces, including the Jewish ones.
And that’s all, in a nutshell.

Singer Theatre Festival

Theatre fans know very well that the Festival is a time for celebrating the stage and seeing Polish and international shows in various stage formulas. This year, the theatre program is particularly plentiful. First of all, with pleasure, we announce Yiddishpiel Theatre from Israel and their wonderful stage show “Only Fools Never Get Sad” – Daniel Amagor’s hit that was loved by so many world’s stages, Broadway among others.

only fools are sad
“Only fools are sad”, photo by Press materials of the Theatre

Also from Israel, we will be hosting Nephesh group who will present their own stage adaptation of the classical “Gimpel the Fool” written by I. B. Singer and “Hana’s Suitcase” by Emil Sher. Warsaw’s Jewish Theatre will present the best currently played stage shows, including: “Ida Kamińska,” “The Last Son,” “Wiera Gran,” “Itzik’s Midrash,” “Just Like the Old Cabaret,” “A Few Foreign Words in Polish”, “Kasrylevka Town.”

“A Few Foreign Words in Polish”, photo by Magda Hueckel

The versatility of Festival’s offer

In addition to concerts and theatre shows, the Festival will offer a great number of other kinds of events, including book promotions, meetings with authors, meetings with artists, film screenings, cooking workshops, workshops for children, educational walks around Jewish Warsaw and many, many others. Let us just mention literary meetings hosted by Remigiusz Grzela, for instance with Włodzimierz Paszyński who recently published “Książki z dobrej półki [Goodreads]” and promotion of Krystyna Gucewicz’s book “NOTES KRYSTYNY GUCEWICZ czyli Fołtyn w śmietanie [KRYSTYNA GUCEWICZ NOTEBOOK].” One of the meetings will be dedicated to Remigiusz Grzela’s book “Double Life of A Reporter. Fallaci. Torańska.”

30th Anniversary of the Shalom Foundation

The special appeal of this year’s Jewish Culture Festival Singer’s Warsaw is additionally highlighted by the fact that its founder and organizer, Shalom Foundation, is celebrating this year the 30th anniversary. Headed by Gołda Tencer, the foundation is pursuing the mission of cultivating and promoting the Jewish tradition in Poland and its abundance. The Festival is one of the Foundation’s most important ventures.

A double jubilee. A unique edition. It’s worth to come back home from holidays a bit earlier.

There are festivals. And there is Singer’s Warsaw.
A very special festival that takes care of the memory of Jewish-Polish cultural heritage and at the same time is open to new trends, young artists, multicultural, creative tension.


Baner Post.2018

Happy New Year!


We wish all our Guests and Viewers, Friends and Co-workers a successful and prosperous 2017. May this year brings all the desired success and happiness in your life that.

We wish ourselves that we again met you and played together during the next, the fourteenth edition of the Singer’s Warsaw Festival.

Gołda Tencer and The Singer’s Festival Team

Happy Hanukkah!


Wishing you and your family a joyous and peaceful festive season. May you be blessed with lots of love from the ones that matter most.

Happy Hanukkah!

Gołda Tencer and the Shalom Foundation Team

L’Shana Tova – wishing You a Good & Sweet New Year!

apples-2093367_960_720 — kopia

On Rosh Ha Shanah 5778 we wish You peace and happiness.

Have a sweet year!

L’Shanah Tovah!

Gołda Tencer

and the Shalom Foundation Team

Dear Guests, Artists and Friends of the Singer’s Warsaw Festival!

Thank you very much for being with us on all the concerts, performances, workshops and other events during last week.

On Sunday we have finished  the 14th edition of this special meeting with the jewish culture. It was special thanks to you and the atmosphere you made. For a moment on the streets of Warsaw did come back not only the world from I. B. Singer’s books but also all the best that the jewish culture has to offer.

We are more than happy that we could make it happen and without you it wouldn’t be possible, for which we are most grateful to you.

We already want to invite you to the next year’s, 15th edition of the Jewish Culture Festival “Singer’s Warsaw”!

Gołda Tencer and the Team of the Singer’s Warsaw Festival



Polish and international music stars come to the 14th Singer’s Warsaw Festival

Just as every year, Grzybowski Square and the surrounding areas will change into colorful, multicultural world echoing great music and the forgotten language. Singer’s Warsaw Festival will feature the best stars of Polish music stage and representatives of international klezmer music. We’ll have the long-waited premieres and innovative projects presented by the artists who play with words and sounds, use the history and the tradition of Polish-Jewish culture.

Foreign sounds

Music is the main element of Singer’s Warsaw Festival. Already a tradition, this year’s Festival will be officially opened by the concert performed in the Nożyk Synagogue and featuring the most excellent representatives of klezmer and cantoral music. This summer, the musicians will present a new project “Ahava Raba – peace, love, music” – an emotional interpretation of the prayer and blessing recited by Judaism followers during Shakharit – the morning Jewish religious customs. This will be the opportunity to see the world famous artists: Yaakov Lemmer, Patrick Farrell, Merlin Shepherd, Guy Schalom, Benjy Fox-Rosen and Frank London. The very same artists will also take part in the concert “FRANK LONDON & FRIENDS”.

lemmer fot Anya Roz
Frank London, fot. Anya Roz

Frank London, a New York based trumpet player and composer, one of the most excellent artists representing the so called New Jewish Music, will be introduced to the audience during the meeting “Tell me your story” hosted by Adam Baruch.

The Klezmers’ Night will feature the American artist, Daniel Kahn, an actor, director, script writer and poet. Together with his band, Daniel Kahn&The Painted Bird, he will present works that combine klezmer music with elements of punk and folk music as well as cabaret, all played on various instruments: accordion, clarinet, trombone, electric guitar. With their help, the band will perform, in an innovative way, both their original works and adaptations of Jewish songs and poems written by the authors who lived and worked the end of the 18th and beginning of the 20th century, including Mordekhai Gebirtig and David Edelstadt. Daniel Kahn will also present his second project, this time with the international super group, The Brothers Nazaroff, who are known for their Yiddish-folkpunk style they have dedicated to the legendary Russian immigrant from New York, known as Nathan “Prince” Nazaroff.

Strangelovesongs Sasha Daniel Duo Photo
Daniel Kahn & Sasha Lurje

And this is not the end of attractions that this versatile artist has prepared for you. Together with Sasha Lurje, he will create an intimate duo during the concert “StrangeLoveSongs” singing about love, desire, murder, nature and melancholia of weltschmerz in English, Yiddish, Ukrainian and Russian. And on Friday afternoon, Daniel Kahn and MY Association will take us on a music walk around the streets of Warsaw with the culmination point at Grzybowski Square, which at the time will host a celebratory Shabbat diner – Shabbat Shalom.

Polish sounds

Known for its great appreciation for Polish artists, every year the Festival invites young artists and top musicians to present their innovative projects on Festival’s stages.

This time, one of the shining stars will be Renata Przemyk who will present Leonard Cohen’s repertoire. During the concert “BOOGIE STREET” we’ll hear the songs from the show “Boogie Street” based on the “Book of Longing.” This time, the artist will add a handful of new arrangements of the greatest hits written by the famous folk & rock musician, such as “Suzanne” and “Hallelujah.”

We’ll be also participating in an encounter of two unique worlds of sensuality and sound. A band inspired by ethnic music in its broadest sense, KROKE will be hosting Warsaw premiere of its latest, eleven EP, “TRAVELLER.” For 25 years the band has been very successful on the music and concert stages.

Kroke & Anna Maria Jopek, fot. Jacek Dyląg

For their jubilee, they invited Anna Maria Jopek, a singer, composer, visionary and enthusiast. Their joint performance will be a unique fusion of original music that brings out many cultures, traditional music and past using innovative resources.

“From heart to heart” is Monika Chrząstowska’s recital featuring Wiera Gran repertoire. She will sing the composition of the famous Jewish singer of pre-war Warsaw, such as “Tango Notturno,” “Three Letters” and “La ve en rose.” Monika Chrząstkowska has been gifted with a powerful, deep voice and lyrical temperament, thus her beautiful performances of Jewish ballads and ambience compositions in jazz arrangement. The artist will perform with Paweł Leszczyński, an accordion player and pianist, winner of international and national accordion contests.

“Sefarad Nueva – Jazz style Sephardic songs” is a unique concert of Polish vocalist, Anna Riveiro and the pianist, Piotr Karol Sawicki. Together they will match traditional Sephardic songs and jazz sounds, contemporary harmony and colorful variety of piano keys.

The grand Nożyk Synagogue will be the venue of the classical music concert “Romanticism – Holocaust / 9 Masterpieces for quartet.” The quartet featuring Katarzyna Duda, Katarzyna Budnik-Gałązka, Jakub Jakowicz and Marcin Zdunik will perform works of two great composers. We’ll hear the arrangements of compositions written by the 19th century German romantic composer, Felix Mendelssohn-Bartholdy and Erwin Schulhoff, whose successful career was prematurely stopped by the growing Nazi regime in Germany.

Katarzyna Duda (color_small)
Katarzyna Duda, Jakub Jakowicz, Marcin Zdunik, Agnieszka Podłucka

Another interesting venue is the concert of Warszawskie Combo Taneczne and Jan Emil Młynarski. In their repertoire, the seven musicians include mostly pre-war songs that amused people so much 80 years ago during dancing parties and varieties as well as on the streets and in the yards of Warsaw. They managed to save from oblivion the beautiful Warsaw songs by presenting them with contemporary sound and arrangements that are close to originals.

Ethno music lovers will also find something interesting. Dimo Gorelik TRIO is a perfect mix of ethno-jazz sounds basing on the traditions of Israeli music matched with the influences from all over the world. The trio’s leader, who comes from Israel, is a guitarist, vocalist and composer and has been greatly appreciated by the listeners and critics, also in the form of prestigious music awards he received. He will be joined by one of the most original artists of the thriving jazz scene in Israel, the guitarist, Shachar Elnata and the bass player, Franciszek Pospieszalski, who performs with both folk projects and modern jazz formations.

During his original recital “Time changes everything,” Sławomir Zygmunt will use the accompaniment of guitar and mouth organ to present pieces written by excellent poets: Baczyński, Leśmian, Tuwim and songs of Leonard Cohen and Bob Dylan. The artist moves the audience with the simplicity and unpretentioness of his interpretations of poetry, creating a unique mood.

Slawomir Zygmunt. foto S. Rawski
Sławomir Zygmunt, fot. S. Rawski

And finally, the concert “Yiddish on the grass” will offer the audience the pleasure of watching and listening to two Polish-born musicians who currently live in Israel, Rajfer Sisters. Full of glamour and temperament, the popular and charming artists will present their songs in Yiddish, Hebrew, Gypsy and Polish

Traditional Jewish music presented through modern and energizing improvisation comes with multiplicity of sounds and instruments. Our Festival is the finest validation that Yiddish language and culture remain the living, developing and evolving organisms that follow the needs of people today. Come and celebrate with us the feast of Jewish culture and art!

Singer’s Warsaw for Children

This year’s Festival has prepared plenty of events for children. Our program is full of family picnics, walks and workshops that aim at familiarizing children with Polish-Jewish culture, history and tradition.

Families are welcomed to join our artistic workshops “Noah’s Ark.” The host, Hanna Kossowska, will talk about the Biblical flood and the orders of Hashem, that is God. Using various modeling clays, children will make the animals that Noah was to take with him on board to fulfill God’s order.

In the unique Yiddish Culture Center, launched upon Gołda Tencer’s initiative, the Festival will welcome visitors to an open day. There will be Hebrew and Yiddish lessons, Yiddish song workshops and specially for 3-8 years old children we’ll have workshops dedicated to the Isaac Singer’s stories “Mr. Singer’s Zoo” hosted by MaMa Foundation.

“Jewish Fairy Tales” event offers joint reading and artistic workshops based on the selected tale, all hosted by the writer and journalist, Bella Szwarcman-Czarnota in Boobook bookstore. Jewish tales focus mostly on reaching goals and going over numerous obstacles on the way to achieving it.

We’ll also have prepared for you a family picnic on the terrace of Menora InfoPunkt, during which we’ll offer workshops for our little handymen who will make memorabilia inspired by the Jewish tradition and culture. You are also welcomed to take part in games and plays.

Piknik Rodzinny_MagdaStarowieyska
fot. Magda Starowieyska

And last but not least, we cannot forget about the “Paper Chase at Night” prepared by Polin Museum for parents with children 4-10 years old. At the end of the holidays, the bravest of all will have the chance to see the permanent exhibition of POLIN Museum. With torches in our hands, we will rediscover the museum.

Holidays are the best time for games and plays and it is our motto throughout the summer. During the Festival, we’ll recommend our youngest visitors fun learning – they will familiarize with the history of Jews, their culture and history in a nice and attractive way. Our Festival is a great idea for families to spend the end of summer holidays!

World jazz celebrities at Singer’s Warsaw Festival

This is going to be the fourth edition of the Singer Jazz Festival (SJF), which is part of Singer’s Warsaw Festival. Jazz music proves to be very important music choice for Poles and the interest that this part of the program is raising among the audience is just confirming it. This year, we will focus on presenting a wide range of Jewish music – jazz and jazz-related works performed by Polish and international artists. One of festival’s objectives is to present both Ashkenazi and Sephardic music, the old and the modern compositions, including the avant-garde ones. Our audience will have the pleasure of discovering the roots of the Jewish sounds.

What will happen during the 4th Singer Jazz Festival?

The jazz part of the Singer’s Warsaw Festival will be opened by the Polish-German trio, Oleś Brothers & Christopher Dell – “KOMEDA AHEAD” in the Nożyk Synagogue. The brothers, Marcin & Bartłomiej Oleś, have been composing and performing for more than ten years; this time, together with one of the most creative improvisers of the German music scene, Christopher Dell, they will get to interpret Krzysztof Komeda’s music. Performing compositions written by the legend of the Polish jazz music, they will bestow it with new, original and a very emotional caliber.

KomedaAhead_fot.Blanka Tomaszewska
Oleś Brothers & Christopher Dell, fot. Blanka Tomaszewska

Compared to other jazz festivals, the SJF’s objective to invite a special guest, the so called Resident Guest, is a unique idea. The Resident Guest is always a jazz veteran, award winning and recognized artist, who meets young, Polish jazz scene. This year, we have invited Rolf Kühn, a world famous clarinet and saxophone player, who performed his first concert back in the 1940s. Having released almost 30 records and composed music scores for tens of movies and TV shows, he is still active and working, while his stage career has been lasting for nearly 70 years.

Rolf Kühn, fot. Alessandra Batelli
Rolf Kühn, fot. Alessandra Batelli

On Singer Jazz Festival’s stage he will engage in three projects. In the recently revived Jazz Club AKWARIUM, he will perform together with Polish trio Jachna/Mazurkiewicz/Buhl. The ensemble, featuring well-recognized on Polish improvisation scene musicians – trumpet, double bass and percussion players, has released a very positively received album back in 2016, “Hidden Sounds,” which includes improvised compositions full of spirit and symbols.

Still in the same inspirational space, our Resident Guest will perform accompanied by musicians from the international project: Minim Experiment. The band consists of the leader and guitar player, Kuba Wójcik, Italian double bass player, Luca Curcio and the percussion artist, Albert Karch. The project focuses on performing original works composed by the leader, with jazz, improvised and avant-garde music as their central point of interest. The last year’s record released by the trio was awarded the title of the Debut of the Year by

Moving on, the project, “Clarinet Summit,” the latest initiative of the Singer Jazz Festival’s artistic director, Adam Baruch, developed specially for the festival, will feature Polish musicians performing together with Kühn. It will include IRCHA CLARINET QUARTET, formed by an outstanding saxophone and clarinet player from Gdańsk, Mikołaj Trzaska, with musicians playing various kinds of clarinets. The German accent of the concert will be the performance of Christian Dawid, the world class German clarinet player representing Eastern European trend in Yiddish music. Meanwhile, Oleś Brothers will take care of the rhythm section.

IRCHA Clarinet Quartet, fot. Jutta Missbach

The project “ASEMAN – WHERE MUSIC CROSSES BORDERS” is a result of artistic cooperation of ASEMAN BAND – the Israeli artist living in New York, Hadar Noiberg and Iranian artists living in Vienna. The fantastic jazz and world music they perform illustrates the depth of the culture and music heritage of Iran and Israel, which is a proof that creative bonds and friendship are beyond any political divides.

31.08_Aseman Band
Aseman Band, fot. Archiwum zespołu

Another performance will be given by the representative of the youngest generation of Polish jazz music, Zbigniew Chojnacki, who will present works from his solo album “Electrotropizm.” An improviser and accordion player, his free perception of music is in harmony with being inspired by everyday smallest elements of space. Despite his young age, he has already performed with several outstanding jazz artists, such as Michał Urbaniak and Zbigniew Namysłowski.

Our audience will also be taken on “A JOURNEY AROUND THE BRAIN” by 8 artists of the NAXOS Orchestra. This ensemble of wonderful artists combines Greek, Jewish and Arabic music with jazz, funky and classical music under the leadership of Milo Kurtis. The album of the same title, a result of cooperation between Kurtis and Konstanty Joriadis, released in 2014, was recognized by Polityka weekly as one of the Events of the Year.

naxos_milo kurtis

As usual, part of the festival, we will feature a concert of the Night of Klezmers. This year, on Grzybowski Square, the audience will have a chance to see one of the Israel’s leading music groups, Common Bond. A band of five instrumentalists and a vocalist with various music backgrounds represents new and original music style – specially written and arranged by the leader, Kobi Shefi. The band’s repertoire spotlights “ancient nature’s songs” inspired by the Balkan, Middle East and West Africa motives. The unique sounds are a combination of elements that originated from classical music, blues, rock and jazz music – and, having been based on a new style, they give the well-known sounds new, fresh and remarkable quality.

common bond_promo
Common Bond, fot. Archiwum zespołu

We will also have an opportunity to listen to a unique music and cultural combination performed by Peruvian-Polish siblings – the group Marita Albán Juárez Quartet. Marita Albán Juárez is a jazz vocalist, music specialist and journalist. José Manuel is a diverse musician, representative of Latin-jazz, hip-hop and member of Salsa Central orchestra. The quartet will be accompanied by Dominik Wania, a multi-awarded jazz pianist and Andrzej Święs, a young generation bass player who has been nominated to Fryderyk award several times.

Polish-Israeli concert of Kądziela/Ettun/Zagórski is a project of long-time collaborators: percussion player, Adam Zagórski, saxophone player, Maciej Kądziela and Israeli double bass player and composer, Ehud Ettun. They often go well beyond contemporary music; their compositions are described as harmonic and at the same time wildly expressionistic. Today, they present experimental combination of Dutch hard-bop and Copenhagen avant-garde inspired by folk music.

Music events during the festival are important, but the meetings with the festival’s guests, the jazz artists, are as important. The audience will have an exceptional chance to meet with the artists who rarely appear in media, including Rolf Kühn, an outstanding clarinet player who has been performing for nearly 70 years and Hadar Noiberg, an Israeli flutist, composer and arranger who lives in New York. The meetings will be hosted by the world famous music critic, publicist, promoter and expert in Polish jazz, artistic director of the Singer Jazz Festival, Adam Baruch.

Continuation of the series Singer Jazz Festival is a platform for featuring traditional Jewish culture in a modern, energetic improvisation. Jazz music in Jewish arrangements is lively and resilient in its development; it experiments with wide diversity of sounds and instruments. At the end of August, Grzybowski Square will become multicultural stage presenting outstanding and innovative projects.

Sale of the tickets for 14th Warsaw Singer Festival is just launched


Currently available are the tickets for concerts by: KROKE & Anna Maria JOPEK, Frank LONDON & Friends, Trio KOMEDA AHEAD, ASEMAN BAND Hadar Noiberg, Orkiestra NAXOS Milo Kurtis, Anna RIVEIRO, Zbigniew CHOJNACKI, Sławomir ZYGMUNT, Daniel KAHN & THE NAZAROFF BROTHERS and the others.

You can buy the tickets by the page >>

Jewish Theatre will perform during this year’s Singer’s Warsaw Festival

For the 14th time, E. R. and I. Kamińskie Jewish Theatre – Yiddish Culture Center is partnering Singer’s Warsaw Festival. Once again, a true feast has been prepared for theatre lovers.

Teatr Zydowski nowe logo

The fans of Jewish classics will certainly enjoy “Kasrylewka Town” based on the short stories written by Sholem Aleichem. It was directed by Shmuel Atzmon-Wircer – the founder and the honorary director of The Yiddishpiel Theatre in Israel, who will also play the part of Tevye The Dairyman, a popular character who gained global recognition with the musical “Fiddler on the Roof.” The play is performed in Yiddish with Polish subtitles. But this is not all as the audience will have an opportunity to come across another text written by Sholem Aleichem, though, this time arranged in a completely different way: “The Big Lottery” directed by Tomasz Szczepaniak. It will be a contemporary, funny and a little bit wild music comedy on how winning a lottery can open Pandora’s box full of calamities, difficulties and tribulations and that lucky draw does not solve all troubles.

2017 Wielka wygrana_duze_fot.Andrzej Wencel (19)
“The Big Lottery” photo: Andrzej Wencel

Another classical author presented during the Festival will be I. B. Singer and his “Szosza” directed by Karolina Kirsz. The aim of the play is to provoke a reflection: can innocence exist in the world that is dancing its way into catastrophe, when the existing order is shaking and everyone wants only to “immerse in a moment of pleasure before they disappear forever?”

Szosza_fot. Magdalena Kuc
“Szosza” photo: Magdalena Kuc

For those who have a desire for contemporary repertoire, the Jewish Theatre has prepared “The Convertible Girl” based on the play under the same title written by the American playwright, Daniel Simon, about whom his student, Woody Allen, once said: “Everything I know about comedy I learned from Daniel.” The play was translated by Janusz Tencer and directed by Marcin Sławiński, who has been entertaining Warsaw audiences of Kwadrat, Komedia and Capitol Theatres. “The Convertible Girl” is a charming and funny romantic comedy with happy end about a girl who needs to convert to Judaism before she can get married to a religious Jew and a bumpy road that leads to achieving that goal.

Szabasowa dziewczyna_fot. Andzrej Wencel (2)
“The Convertible Girl” photo: Andrzej Wencel

Music fans should book time for “George & Ira Gershwin” directed by Jan Szurmiej. It is not just a music monograph featuring works written by the outstanding duet, in which the younger brother was the genius composer and the older wrote the brilliant lyrics. First and foremost, it is a fascinating story, narrated through songs, about a woman and a man who seem to be unable to find each other in the jungle of the big city.

G_I.Gerswin_fot.Andrzej Wencel
“George & Ira Gershwin” photo: Andrzej Wencel

A completely different kind of experience, a journey to the world of Bruno Schulz, an observation on the verge of consciousness and dream will be offered by the performance “Sanatorium Under the Sign of the Hourglass” directed by Agata Duda-Gracz. In his review, Marcin Kube from Rzeczpospolita wrote: “Weaknesses? One, but serious. This performance was staged just once and it does not look like it is going to be played again. However, if it turns out that it is staged again, do not miss the opportunity.” And we encourage Festivalgoers to seize this chance!


Program of the 14th Singer’s Warsaw Festival

We have the pleasure to present you program of the 14th Singer’s Warsaw Festiwal.

For more information please click on the picture below:



David D’Or and Miri Mesika together for the first time on the stage of 14th Singer’s Warsaw Festival

Styles, trends and fashion are all but natural to come back. We keenly observe the past seething into our future, into the urban space. The Singer’s Warsaw Jewish Culture Festival, respecting the history of Warsaw and her inhabitants, revives the memory of the city for those who feel the bond with the cultural heritage, the multi-cultural spirit and the openness of the capital. Like every year artist from all around the world will present their novel, eclectic and creative performances, inspired by the common Polish and Jewish tradition.

Dawid D'Or

David D’Or

What’s up for us this year?

We already know the stars of this year’s festival. Artists of both Polish and international format are expected.

This year’s edition of the Festival will traditionally be inaugurated by the concert the the Nożyk Synagogue, where we shall hear the most prominent representatives of the klezmer and cantoral music. The musicians are performing „Ahava Raba” project – an emotional interpretation of prayer and blessing recited by the Jews during Shakharit – the morning religious rite. The show will host world renown artists: Frank London, Yaakov Lemmer, Patrick Farrell, Merlin Shepherd, Guy Shalom, Benjy Fox-Rosen.

One of the very unique festival events is the Warsaw premiere of a new album by one of the most popular klezmer bands of Poland and Europe – KROKE „TRAVELLER”. It is already the eleventh album in the portfolio of this Cracow-based trio, shining bright on the international music scene for a quarter of a decade. KROKE will perform upon our stage accompanied by Anna Maria Jopek, a prominent vocalist giving concerts with the most important music characters of our time. It is an encounter of the two worlds of sensitivity and a unique fusion of author’s music, calling upon influences of numerous cultures and traditional sounds via the use of modern means.

The very special guest star of the Festival is Daniel Kahn, the “one man band”, hailing from the USA and now Berlin-based actor, director, scriptwriter and poet. On our stage, he will present two of his music projects. The Painted Bird joins the accordion and the clarinet with punk rock and the trombone with the electric guitar. This novel arrangement will be presented to us in, i.a., songs by Mordekhay Gebirtig or David Edelstadt with an unrestricted, New York freedom and cabaret form. In the other project, he performs with the international super-group The Brothers Nazaroff, performing in the Yiddish-folkpunk „simcha madness” style.

We will also hear Renata Przemyk, performing pieces from the newest album – from the „Boogie Street” show after Leonard Cohen’s “Book of longing”. A very special complement to the concert are the additional songs from Cohen’s repertoire, such as „Suzanne” or „Hallelujah”.

The programme of the Festival also features once again the section of Singer Jazz Festiwal – within which prominent personalities of the jazz scene are performing.

We will have the opportunity to listen to the greatest star of the jazz part of the Festival, Rolf Kühn. This world-renown jazz musician, hailing from Germany, is a phenomenon: performer and clarinet player, excelling in numerous areas of music. Rolf Kühn will perform in a new project „Clarinet Summit” – initiated by Adam Baruch, artistic director of Singer Jazz Festival. Next to Rorf Kühn on the stage will appear young jazz musicians, amongst them Ircha Clarinet Quartet – a quartet by Mikołaj Trzaska, consisting of excellent musicians playing various types of the clarinet. The project will also see the participation of the Oleś Brothers, acclaimed as the greatest treasure of Polish 21st-century jazz.

The main star of the final festival concert is David D’Or, a world-renown Israeli countertenor and composer. We have already hosted David in Poland during the 11th edition of the Festival, where he was so well received by the Polish audience. This year, this angel-voiced, unmistakably unique artist comes back to Warsaw with a new project. It is the first time that he performs on the very same stage in a unique conjunction with a great star of the Israeli musical scene, Miri Mesika. This phenomenal artist, so popular in Israel, is now enjoying her first visit to Poland.

Miri Mesika

Miri Mesika

A great asset of the Festival are also the theatre performances.

There will be ample occasions to see the popular and acclaimed shows by the Jewish Theatre, such as „Shosha”, „The Sabbath girl” or „Karsylewka Town”. Ahead of us lie also the opportunities to see the cult shows, which are making a special, Festival-oriented comeback to the stages. In cooperation with TR Warszawa, the ATM Studio stage shows us two prominent plays by Maja Kleczewska and Łukasz Chotkowski. The acclaimed „Dybuk” is based on the renown Jewish drama by Shimun Ansky – the story of the soul of a deceased yeshiva student inhabiting the body of his loved one, which, when interpreted by Kleczewska and Chotkowski, also shows its new meanings, so important for the contemporary viewer. There is also one more special artistic event in line – the play of „Malowany Ptak” based upon the famous, controversial novel by Jerzy Kosiński, premiered not so long ago in Warsaw. It is a story of a small Jewish boy during World War Two, seeking refuge in the Polish countryside. The play was co-produced in cooperation with Teatr Polski in Poznań. During the Festival, plays will also be presented by Yiddishpiel Theatre of Israel and the Jewish Theatre of Bucharest. Moreover, Jewish-themed performances will be shown by Polish theatres.

On the Festival

Singer’s Warsaw Festival is held in August-September at the Grzybowski Square and Próżna Street. This time, part of the events are held at the temporary location of the Jewish Theatre at 35 Senatorska Street in Warsaw. Some of the shows will be histed by the Kwadrat Theatre. The events will also be held at the Warsaw Garrison HQ Club as well as on the stage of the ATM Studio.
The Festical presents various manifestations of the vividly live, Polish-Jewish tradition. The stages will host prominent artists drawing from the wealth of the Polish Jews’ cultural heritage. The excellent programme, the prominent artists and the multitude of attractions attract 60 thousand spectators of the Festival every year.

Singer’s Warsaw Festival is an initiative by the Shalom Foundation, the aim of which is to restore, if but for a few days, the atmosphere of the pre-war city of Warsaw. We intend to show the Yiddish culture, its excellent literature and heritage. Books, music, theatre, cuisine, conversations with creators and artists – all those cannot be missed at our Festival. We present aor spectators with writers, musicians, artist of various genres and generations, and their innovative projects. We also give the chance to learn of the Jewish history and custom. We talk to experts, historians, scientists, allowing for discussions and exchange of views, attempting to be the event, due to which the dialogue of history with the present is not only possible but also effective.

Come and visit our Festival in late summer!
Join us on:

We present the new “musician” of 14th Singer’s Warsaw Festival!

Visual identification for the festiwal is created by Lech Majewski.


Have a happy Passover!

All our friends – we wish You happiness and joy with all the good things in life. Have a happy Passover
Shalom Foundation Team

Invitation to the 14th Singer’s Warsaw Festival

For the fourteenth time, the Shalom Foundation has the pleasure to invite everyone to celebrate music, theatre, literature and art, in other words: the Jewish Culture Festival – Singer’s Warsaw!

This year, the Festival will take place on 26 August – 3 September 2017.


Photo: Janusz Paliwoda

We will offer you a full range of events so that everyone can find something interesting. We welcome theatre and music lovers, researchers of the Jewish history and culture, fans of photography and art, those of you who enjoy thematic walks and workshops. People who like to, from time to time, feel an air of nostalgia with a tiny hint of old days and those, who seek new experience, and follow the latest trends in art and culture.

We also encourage artists to send us interesting proposals. The Festival’s stages await!

„Oczy w oczy z…Gołdą Tencer” – an interview for TVP Polonia

“Powiedzieć o niej kobieta – instytucja to zdecydowanie za mało. Nie uznaje określenia – “nie da się”, bo dla niej wszystko jest możliwe, wystarczy tylko chcieć i ciężko na to zapracować. Aktorka, reżyserka, organizatorka Festiwalu Kultury Żydowskiej, założycielka i prezes Fundacji Shalom, dyrektor Teatru Żydowskiego – Gołda Tencer.”


Zapraszamy do obejrzenia wywiadu z TVP Polonia:

Happy New Year!


We wish all our Guests and Viewers, Friends and Co-workers a successful and prosperous 2017. May this year brings all the desired success and happiness in your life that.

We wish ourselves that we again met you and played together during the next, the fourteenth edition of the Singer’s Warsaw Festival.

Gołda Tencer and The Singer’s Festival Team

Merry Christmas and Happy Hanukkah!


Wishing you and your family a joyous and peaceful festive season. May you be blessed with lots of love from the ones that matter most.


The team of the Shalom Foundation


On Rosh Ha Shanah 5777 we wish You peace and happiness.

Have a sweet year!

L’Shanah Tovah!

The last day before the end of 13th Singer’s Warsaw Festival

Have a look at the a pictures of a few  events, which took place on the last Saturday of 13th Singer’s Warsaw Festival.

Klezmer Night: Hamsa (UK)

koncert kantorów.Hamsa  (1)

Klezmer Night: Rzeszów Klezmer Band & Friends (PL)

koncert kantorów. Rzeszów Klezmer Band (1)

Photo: Janusz Paliwoda


Music workshops with Merlin Shepherd, The Hamsa

The workshops will be held on September 4, at 12.00 at Pardon, To Tu, Festival Club, 12/16 Grzybowski Sq.

Merlin is one of the world’s leading players of traditional East European Klezmer Clarinet style, and in addition to his own ensembles, he has recorded and played with Boban Marcovic, Fanfara Ciocarlia, Fanfara Savale, Selim Sesler, Budowitz, Frank London’s Klezmer Brass Allstars and numerous others.

Photo: Alicia Clarke

Participants in the workshops will learn by ear and will be taught how to make their instruments sing in Yiddish and make Eastern European Jewish sounds on their instruments. Merlin will introduce all players to the ornamentation and phrasing specific to Klezmer Music culminating in a full ensemble piece!

Workshops in English, free admission

The fifth day of the Singer’s Warsaw Festival has already ended

Have a look at the a photos from the fifth day of the Festival.

Photos: Janusz Paliwoda

Singer Jazz Festival: meeting with Nabil Atassi – one of Berlins leading journalists in Jazz

“Berlin as the center of European culture in the 1920’s and today” that will be a theme of the meeting organized as a part of Singer Jazz Festival and hosted by: Adam Baruch.

IMG_7871_sw_webNabil Atassi

The special guest of the meeting will be Dr. Nabil Atassi (*1981) – one of Berlins leading journalists in Jazz. He hosts a personality talk show podcast on his website He hosts talk shows with Jazz personalities on German public radio NDR and writes for several magazines. Nabil is co founder and spokesman of JazzKorea Festival, an international Jazzfestival taking Southkorean Jazzbands to Europe and was involved in building up XJAZZ festival in Berin in 2014. As one of only two journalists ever, he was awarded the WDR Jazz award in 2013.

The meeting will taka place on September 4 at 2 pm. (Austrian Cultural Forum, 7/9 Próżna St., free admission).

The fourth day of the Singer’s Warsaw Festival has already ended


The concert of Israeli trio Savannah and The Stringz, meeting with known Polish theorist and historian of literature Professor Michał Głowiński, music and satirical show prepared by the actors of the Jewish Theatre, the presentation of verses of the German poetess Else Lasker-Schüler and the concert of Obara/Wania duo – that was only some of the events of the fourth day of the Singer’s Warsaw Festival (on August 30).

Have a look at a few photos from that day.

Photos: Marta Kuśmierz, Janusz Paliwoda

That’s tomorrow: REMEMBER – the multimedia project designed by Francesco Bruno Ensemble dedicated to Primo Levy

Primo Levi

Live multimedia show that serves as a tribute to the great Italian author and poet Primo Levi. The reading of poems written by the author, who has given the world one of the most important testimonies on the holocaust, is brought on stage along with music compositions inspired by Primo Levi’s poetic universe. Along with the poetry and music, there are video art creations, all giving voice, through the language of art, to the testimony and to the plea for peace of this great poet.

F.Bruno ensemble _archiwum zespołu

Performing: Francesco Bruno (music, arrangements, guitar), Silvia Lorenzo (reading, vocals), Marco Rovinelli (drums), Jacopo Ferrazza (double bass).

The concert will be held on August 31 at 20.30, at the the large stage of Kwadrat Theatre, 138 Marszałkowska St.

The third day of the festival was dominated by jazz…

Third day of the 13th edition of the Singer’s Warsaw Festival.

Have a look at the photos from the third day of the Festival.

The opening of Singer Jazz Festival : “Maggid” – the concert performed by Sefardix trio, formed by brothers Bartłomiej and Marcin Oleś and Jorgos Skolias, which took place in the Nożyk Synagogue

bracia Oles & Jorgos Skolias

Jazz concerts played as part of Singer Jazz Festival and the oher events:

Photos: Janusz Paliwoda


The Grand Opening of The Festival is behind us

Second day of the 13th edition of the Singer’s Warsaw Festival.

Have a look at the photos from the second day of the Festival.

The Grand Opening of The Festival – The Concert of The Cantors: Benzion Miller, Yaakov Lemmer, Tzudik Greenwald accompanied by the chamber orchestra of the Warsaw Chamber Opera House, conducted by Yakov Rotner:


Gołda Tencer – the host of Singer’s Warsaw Festival:


The concert of the cantors and the other events:

Photos: Katarzyna Markusz, Janusz Paliwoda

The 13th Jewish Culture Festiwal “Singer’s Warsaw” has began

Behind us are the first events of this year’s edition of the Singer’s Warsaw Festival.

Have a look at the photos from the first day of the Festival.


Enjoy The Opening of Singer Jazz Festival: “MAGGID” by Sefardix Trio

On Monday, August 29 at 18.30 (The Nożyk Synagogue, 6 Twarda St.) at the opening of Singer Jazz Festival will perform The Sefardix trio – Polish jazz group, created by Oleś Brothers (founders of many original music projects, double bass artist, Marcin Oleś, and percussion artist, Bartłomiej Oleś) together with the master of voice improvisation, Jorgos Skolias.

Sefardix: Oleś Brothers & Jorgos Skolias

photo: Blanka Tomaszewska / fenommedia

They will play a music from their latest album “Maggid”. Their music is an ambiance fusion of the Jewish music sung in Greek, jazz, metaphysical vocalizations that originated in Asia as well as instrumental virtuoso bursting with cultural references – this is what Sefardix trio means.

There are still tickets available – enjoy this concert!


ALONA SZOSTAK will sing in Polish, Russian, Yiddish and Hebrew

The recital by ALONA SZOSTAK “Walking with Hope Through Life” will take place on August 27 at 16.00, at the large stage of Kwadrat Theatre, 138 Marszałkowska St.

zdjęcie 3

Fot. Artur Wacławek

During her performance, we will hear Russian and Jewish songs sung in four languages: Polish, Russian, Yiddish and Hebrew. They will include works written by Isaak Osipovitsch Dunayevsky, such as the famous “Heart,” Barbra Streisand and Yelena Vayengi as well as Hebrew songs, such as “Shir Tikva” or “Aff achat.” Such repertoire will offer the audience a chance to fully appreciate the unique stage temperament and enjoy the very warm, rare voice of Alona Szostak. Accompaniment: Lena Minkacz.

Tomorrow starts the Culinary Festival “Mama Sonia’s Cuisine”


Culinary Festival “Mama Sonia’s Cuisine” is a unique opportunity to taste a dishes and snacks from the Jewish cuisine, prepared especially for the Singer’s Warsaw Festival by bars and restaurants operating around Grzybowski Square, and wines from Israel.

We invite you to participate in the plebiscite. In order to vote for your favorite delicacy, all you need to do is visit, during the Festival, the participating restaurants, taste the dishes and leave a poll with the waiter afterwards. The most voted dish will be awarded a certificate of the audience award. Guests participating in the voting will have a chance to win a prize.

Please read the rules od our play: (Polish) REGULAMIN and PROGRAM FESTIWALU to download.

“The music of Henryk Wars” – the concert by Kuba Stankiewicz Trio

The project “The Music of Henryk Wars” continues the program dedicated to the American artists with Polish roots started in recent years by Kuba Stankiewicz, the outstanding pianist and composer. Recipient of numerous music awards, in recent years he decided to start the project playing the music composed by Victor Young and Bronisław Kaper.


During the concert, the trio will be joined by Wojciech Pulcyn – double bass player, session musician and composer, on everyday basis cooperating with many stars of Polish and foreign jazz music scene, and Sebastian Frankiewicz – percussion player cooperating with, among others, Michał Urbaniak who is the holder of the golden record for the project “Talk to me.”

The concert will take place on August 31 at 18.00 at The Nożyk Synagogue, 6 Twarda St. (ticketed event).

“Isaak from Krochmalna Street and his time vehicle” – workshops for children

The workshops dedicated to the short stories written by I.B. Singer for children 3-8 years old conducted by Patrycja Dołowy and Anna Pietruszka-Dróżdż from MaMa Foundation will take place on August 28 at 11.00 at Center for Yiddish Culture, 15 Andersa St.

Limited availability, to register, please write to:


“Banishment from Paradise” – unknown compositions composed by Krzysztof Komeda played by Leszek Żądło European Art Ensemble

Guests of the 13th Singer’s Warsaw Fesival can expect for a truly unique concert! The original version of the “Banishment from Paradise” composed by Krzysztof Komeda was presented to the audience only once, back in 1969. The musical failed to be recorded and the manuscript with the score was found only 3 years ago in the Netherlands. Based on that, the material was arranged in line with jazz style by Leszek Żądło and Matthias Preißinger.

Leszek Zadlo
photo: Leszek Franz Owca

Leszek Żądło European Art Ensemble:  Leszek Żądło, Leszek Kułakowski, Piotr Kułakowski and Jacek Pelc, will play the concert “Banishment from Paradise”  on September 2 at 20.00, at The large stage of Kwadrat Theatre.

On August 31 at 16.30, at the Austrian Cultural Forum, will be held a meeting with Leszek Żadło, conducted by Adam Baruch.

Wkrótce rusza Warszawa Singera!

„Festiwal przyjaciół”, tak o rozpoczynającym się 27 sierpnia Festiwalu Kultury Żydowskiej Warszawa Singera mówi dyrektor Fundacji Shalom, Gołda Tencer.


Co roku pod koniec wakacji okolice placu Grzybowskiego odwiedza od 65 do 70 tysięcy osób, które chcą posłuchać muzyki klezmerskiej, obejrzeć spektakle teatralne, spróbować tradycyjnych potraw. To wszystko już po raz trzynasty umożliwia Fundacja Shalom. – W Teatrze nigdy nie piszę trzynastki, ale 12a – mówi Gołda Tencer. – Ten Festiwal jest tworzony z grona przyjaciół, a jego sercem był zawsze Teatr Żydowski. To serce pozostanie z nami, niezależnie od tego, gdzie będziemy grać. Bo wydarzenia festiwalowe odbywać się będą w wielu miejscach.

Jednym ze spektakli, które będą mogli obejrzeć widzowie są „Matki” w reżyserii Pawła Passiniego. – To antyspektakl o tym, że teatr czasami musi się potknąć, zamilknąć – informuje reżyser. – To wieczór, podczas którego mówimy o ludziach, którzy mieli dwie matki. Próbujemy doprowadzić do tego, by się spotkały. Słuchamy tych opowieści, mając na scenie trzy osoby, które przeżyły,którym się to udało.


W tym roku odbędzie się również trzecia edycja Singer Jazz Festival, podczas którego wystąpi Włodzimierz Nahorny, jeden z filarów polskiego jazzu, od dawna towarzyszący warszawskiemu Singerowi. – To będzie mój koncert urodzinowy, niespodzianka i ja sam dowiem się w ostatniej chwili o tym, kto wystąpi – przekonuje muzyk. – Bardzo się cieszę, że ten Festiwal tak się rozwija, bo polski jazz na to zasługuje.

„Kuchnią mamy Soni”, czyli kulinarną częścią festiwalu, dowodzi Maciej Nowak, który zapewnia, że goście będą mogli nie tylko skosztować przysmaków żydowskich, ale również spotkać się z ekspertami i znawcami kuchni. Restauracje, biorące udział w konkursie na najlepszą potrawę, przygotowały specjalne menu. – Zachęcamy Państwa do odwiedzania tych restauracji i oddawania głosów na wybrane dania. Jurorzy również przyznają swoją nagrodę – zapewnia Maciej Nowak. – Grzybów będzie znów kojarzył się ze smakami żydowskimi.

Konferencja zapowiadająca tegoroczną edycję festiwalu odbyła się 18 sierpnia w klubie festiwalowym Pardon, to tu.

Tekst i foto: Katarzyna Markusz

Meeting dedicated to “The letters from the Warsaw Ghetto” written by Rachela Auerbach

Meeting with Karolina Szymaniak, researcher, translator, and Yiddish instructor will be held on August 28 at 15.15, on the open day in the Yiddish Culture Center, 15 Andersa St.

Meeting will be hosted by writer and journalist Beata Chomątowska.

“Letters from the Warsaw Ghetto” is an important source document, a journal written in the ghetto by a writer and psychologist, Rachela Auerbach, who was also the co-founder of the underground Warsaw Ghetto archive, the Ringelblum Archive. This year, the book was awarded the Historic Prize of Polityka Weekly in the category of source publications.


Stage show “Mothers” in Polski Theatre!

“MOTHERS” – the stage show/performance/meeting of the Jewish Theatre based on Gołda Tencer’s idea; directed by: Paweł Passini, script and dramaturgy: Patrycja Dołowy, will be payed on August 26 at 20.00 in Polski Theatre.


Photo. K. Biliński

Guest appearance: Elżbieta Ficowska, Joanna Sobolewska-Pyz, Romuald Jakub Weksler-Waszkinel

Together with the adult children from the baskets, the authors of the show will attempt to be their mothers in the very moment just before they make up their minds. In those moments, they search for the answer to their questions about identity, continuity, duty. Uneasy questions that hurt and jostle in the word “mother” and call for attention.

Details on purchasing tickets:


The 13th Singer’s Warsaw Festival for media – press conference

The press conference announcing this year’s edition of the Festival will be held on August 18, 2016 at 12.00 in the festival’s club PARDON , TO TU in Warsaw.


Gołda Tencer – director and creator of Singer’s Warsaw Festival during a last year press conference held on the Main Stage of the Jewish Theater in Warsaw / fot. Janusz Paliwoda

Singer Jazz Festival: Francesco Bruno Ensemble – Artists from Italy on The Singer’s Warsaw Festival

A highly eclectic and talented jazz guitarist and composer, Francesco Bruno will perform in Warsaw twice with Marco Rovinelli, Jacopo Ferrazza and Silvia Lorenzo.

F.Bruno ensemble _archiwum zespołu

The first of the concerts: “REMEMBER” – the multimedia project designed by Francesco Bruno Ensemble dedicated to the great Italian writer, poet and scientist Primo Levy, who has given the world one of the most important testimonies on the holocaust, will be held August 31 at 20.30 on the Big Stage of Teatr Kwadrat.

During the concert “WITAM” artists will present the original compositions, especially arranged for this project, a part of the new album, titled “Witam,” where the Polish trumpet player Piotr Vojtasik and sax player Sylwester Ostrowski appear as special guests. The concert will be held September 1 at 20.30 in Polish Radio Witold Lutosławski Concert Hall.

SAVANNAH AND THE STRINGZ – israeli trio from Tel Aviv on Singer’s Warsaw Festival

The band’s leader, Savannah Zwi-Navon is a subtle yet very charismatic singer. She will be accompanied by two excellent musicians: Tomer Einat and Noam Elron. Trio bravely experimenting with new forms of sound expressions; they combine jazz, indie rock, cabaret and classical chamber music into contemporary style.

During the recent years, the band has performed in nearly every place in Israel, it also gave concerts in Australia. In 2014, the trio was invited to Poland for the first time. During the festival trio will perform on 30 August at 20.30 on The large stage of Kwadrat Theatre.

REQUIEM ON GRZYBOWSKI SQUARE – Warsaw Chamber Opera House’s concert on stage

Warsaw Chamber Opera House will present one of the most important sacral works in the history of music – “Requiem” by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, the last composition of the genius artist from Vienna.

The epoch-making work performed by the solo artists of the Warsaw Chamber Opera House and the Vocal Ensemble and the Sinfonietta Orchestra, directed by Jerzy Lach, will be heard on Grzybowski Square for the first time!

Sinfoniettaphoto: Jarosław Budzyński

Line-up: solo artists of Warsaw’s Chamber Opera House Marta Wyłomańska – soprano, Monika Ledzion – alt, Tomasz Krzysica – tenor, Rafał Siwek – bass and the Vocal Ensemble and the Sinfonietta Orchestra conducted by Ruben Silva.

Open air concert at Grzybowski Square will take place 1 September, 2016 at 7 pm.

The Stars of Singer Jazz Festival – NAHORNY TRIO and FRIENDS

In 2016, Włodzimierz Nahorny, leader of the Nahorny Trio, the outstanding Polish composer, named by the critics “The Chopin of Jazz Music” – will be celebrating his 75th birthday. The story of his life covers nearly the whole history of the Polish jazz and his music is poetry, reflection, undefinable and volatile language.

WNT 3 fot. Piotr Gruchala — kopiaphoto: Piotr Gruchała

Włodzimierz Nahorny’s great and unique compositions will be presented by his trio with Mariusz Bogdanowicz playing double bass, Piotr Biskupski playing percussion and guest appearances by Lora Szafran, Sabina Meck, Zbigniew Namysłowski, Wojciech Jachna and Wojciech Myrczek. Although fit in the jazz canon, they have been branded with romantic and very Slavic character.

The concert will take place on 1 September, 2016 at 9 pm.

Ticketed event, tickets available on and

Lecture by Jolanta Mickute Ph.D. “Women’s Zionism in Interwar Poland: What Is It and Where Does It Come from?”

Lecture (in English) by Jolanta Mickutė as part of Singer’s Warsaw Festival will be held August 31 at. 17.00 in a MenoraInfopunkt (entrance by Charlotte Menora), Plac Grzybowski 2.

Today about women’s zionism, emancipation, equality and cooperation (or rather, lack of cooperation) between Jewish women and non-Jewish woman with Jolanta Miuckutė Ph.D talking Katarzyna Markusz.

Jolanta Miuckutėe conducts research on the project “Modern Zionist feminist policy cultural, ethnic and gender in interwar Poland1918-1939” on the Museum Polin and the Jewish Historical Institute.

The interview was published August 8, 2016 at


Jolanta Mickutė, photo: Museum Polin

We welcome You to festival’s club Pardon, to tu!

Once again during the Singer’s Warsaw Festival we welcome You to our festival’s club PARDON , TO TU, Grzybowski Square 12/16.


In this friendly place all guests can expect to have fun , casual atmosphere and many opportunities for informal meetings with artists appearing at the XIII edition of the Singer’s Warsaw Festival.

Shofar foto,Piotr Lewandowski PopUpMusic

Pardon To Tu ogródek

“The Kishke Monologues” – a show presented by part of the next generation of Yiddishpiel Theater actors

Food has a special place in Yiddish culture. We bring you a musical-culinary journey in accordance with the East European Jewish Kitchen. Original monologues in Hebrew and Yiddish songs that deal with the kitchen experience. Humorous and Touching.

Presented by part of the next generation of Yiddishpiel Theater actors: Yoni Eilat, Yonathan Rozen, Ronit Asheri, Miri Ragendorfer, Einat Segal-Cohen, “The Kishka Monologues” that received great acclaim from the audience and critiques in Israel.

28th August 2016, 16:00, The Large Stage of Kwadrat Theatre, 138 Marszałkowska St.

(The show will be staged in Hebrew and Yiddish and translated into Polish.)


Yiddishpiel – the Yiddish Theater in Israel was established in 1987 with the mission of bringing back the charm, popularity and glory to the Yiddish language that had almost disappeared in World War II. Yiddish lives once again on our stage, expressing the wisdom of those who are no longer with us.
More than 100 new productions have been staged by the Yiddishpiel Theater until today with performances throughout the country. The theater has earned international recognition for its achievements as a result of its steady participation in dozens of international festivals around the world: Montreal, London, Amsterdam, Vienna, Los Angeles, Wiesbaden, Kiev, Vilna, Moscow, Berlin, Krakow, and many others.

The sale of tickets for 13th Wasraw Singer Festival has just been launched

You can buy a tickets by the pages and
Currently available are tickets for four concerts: Official Opening Of The Festival – Concert Of The Cantors, two events in the series Singer Jazz Festival – concerts Sefardix trio ( Oles Brothers & Jorgos Skolias ) and Trio of Kuba Stanikewicz and classical music concert „Jewish music of the twentieth century for Strings”.

Program of the 13th Singer’s Warsaw Festiwal

We have a pleasure to present you program of the 13th Singer’s Warsaw Festiwal

It’s available for download here:



Please note this important message!

Teatr Kwadrat (Theatre Square), Marszałkowska 138 Str. is the address that You should remember!


This is because, thanks to the courtesy and friendliness of the Directorate of the theater, we move here the festival events, which were planned to take place in the Jewish Theatre building.

Teatr Kwadrat is located about 3-4 minutes walk from the Grzybowski Square (in the direction of the station Metro Świętokrzyska).

Dear Friends of the Shalom Foundation and Warsaw’s Singer Festival!

The recent developments in the Jewish Theatre’s situation that we have been watching have also affected us because as you well know our office is located in the theatre’s building.
You may be wondering what will happen next since the place that was so generously presenting many of the festival’s concerts and performances has been closed?!
We would like to let you know that our Festival will take place according to the planned time schedule.
Very soon, we will be informing you about the addresses of the events moved from the Jewish Theatre and we will present this year’s Singer’s Warsaw program.
However, we are kindly asking for your patience as in the coming days we will be very busy organizing the move.
In this difficult time, your support as well as help and assistance offers sent to us from across Poland (and other countries) are truly invaluable.
Thank you for everything,

Shalom Foundation Team

Here is the poster of this year’s edition of the Singer’s Warsaw Festival!

singer 2016

Inauguration of the Singer Jazz Festival – Sefardix trio

“Bracia Oleś nie próbują nikogo i niczego imitować. Grają jak rasowi współcześni muzykanci na swoich instrumentach, które czują doskonale. Jorgos Skolias nadaje całości sznyt grecki” pisał Jacek Hawryluk.

Sefardix: Oleś Brothers & Jorgos Skolias

Ci trzej wspaniali muzycy to właśnie Sefardix trio. Muzyka zespołu  laureata Folkowego Fonogramu Roku 2013 Polskiego Radia – to klimatyczna fuzja śpiewanej po grecku muzyki żydowskiej, jazzu, metafizycznych wokaliz rodem z Azji oraz instrumentalnej wirtuozerii pełnej kulturowych odniesień. Artyści wykraczają poza stereotypowe traktowanie głosu i instrumentów, poszerzając paletę brzmieniową wykonywanej muzyki. Emocje i energia płynąca ze sceny, porywają słuchaczy zarówno na dużych festiwalach, jak i kameralnych koncertach.

Koncert Sefardix trio, prezentującego swoją najnowszą płytę „Maggid”, odbędzie się w poniedziałek, 29 sierpnia o godz. 21.00 w Synagodze im. Nożyków.

(Polish) Konkurs z okazji Dnia Matki

Na kilka dni przed Dniem Matki rozpoczynamy konkurs, w którym do wygrania jest 5 podwójnych zaproszeń na premierę spektaklu/performance’u/spotkania „Matki” w Teatrze Żydowskim w Warszawie.

Premiera odbędzie się w czwartek, 26 maja 2016, o godz. 19.00.

Spektakl został zrealizowany na podstawie pomysłu Gołdy Tencer. Jego reżyserem jest Paweł Passini, autorką tekstu i dramaturgii – Patrycja Dołowy.

Plakat Matki wersja2 19-05

Konkurs prowadzony jest na fanpage’u Festiwalu Singera – serdecznie zapraszamy:

(Polish) Zapraszamy na spotkanie z Andrzejem Krakowskim w cyklu „Bagaże Kultury”

Spotkanie odbędzie się w najbliższą niedzielę, 29 września 2015 o godz. 14.00 w Teatrze Żydowskim, w ramach promocji książki Andrzeja Krakowskiego – „Pollywood II – Uciekinierzy z raju”, wydanej przez wydawnictwo Blue Bird.

W spotkaniu udział wezmą także Magdalena Schejbal i Włodzimierz Press.


Szczegóły na stronie:

HAMSA – Mediterranean Klezmer Funk at this year’s KLEZMER NIGHT!

Bringing together the music of Jewish Eastern Europe and Sephardic Turkey in an authentic, powerful Mediterranean Mélange, Hamsa take us on a journey that not only crosses borders but also takes us deep into ourselves.

The group creates five musicians: Merlin Shepherd (clarinets, tilinka), Guy Schalom (percussion, drumkit), Carol Isaacs (piano, accordion), Glenn Sharp (guitar, saz, oud), Simon Russell (bass).

Klezmer’s Night, an open air concert at Grzybowski Square is not the only occasion to see and hear them. Hamsa will also lead The Music Walk around The Streets of Warsaw.

(Polish) Osip Mandelsztam w interpretacji szczecińskiego zespołu Sklep z Ptasimi Piórami

Historia powstania programu koncertu rozpoczęła się ponad 30 lat temu. Jej początki sięgają czasu stanu wojennego, kiedy to szczeciński Teatr Kana w 1982 roku wystawił spektakl „Księga…”. Spektakl był grany poza cenzurą i mimo braku jakichkolwiek oficjalnych informacji o datach i miejscach przedstawienia, ściągał tłumy…

ulica mandelsztama

Muzykę do wierszy Osipa Mandelsztama wykorzystanych w pamiętnym przedstawieniu skomponował Ryszard Leoszewski, wówczas jeden z pierwszych aktorów Teatru Kana, a obecnie kompozytor, wokalista, pedagog i jedna z najciekawszych postaci kulturalnego Szczecina.

Teraz, będąc bogatszym o doświadczenia właściwe jego pokoleniu, odnalazł w poezji Mandelsztama nie tyle cierpienie (choć i ono dało o sobie znać), co jasną stronę ludzkiej duszy. Iskierki prawdziwego człowieczeństwa, okruchy szlachetności, wiarę w czystość intencji, szacunek i bliskość drugiej osoby – zwyczajną prawdę i uczciwość.

Koncert odbędzie się 31 sierpnia 2016 o godz. 19.00 w Klubie Mamele.

(Polish) Trzej kantorzy na rozpoczęcie festiwalu

Niedzielny koncert kantorów to już tradycja Festiwalu Warszawa Singera. Jest to jednocześnie uroczysta inauguracja Festiwalu, na którą swoje podwoje otwiera dla szerszej publiczności Synagoga im. Nożyków w Warszawie.

W tym roku znów usłyszymy najznakomitszych światowych kantorów. Wystąpią: Benzion Miller, Yaakov Lemmer i Tzudik Greenwald (od lewej), przy akompaniamencie wybitnego pianisty Menchaema Bristowskiego.

Dla tych, którzy chcieliby sprawdzić swoje możliwości wokalne przygotowaliśmy coś specjalnego! Kilka godzin przed uroczystym koncertem odbędą się warsztaty śpiewu kantoralnego, które poprowadzi Benzion Miller.

Oba wydarzenia odbędą się w niedzielę, 28 sierpnia 2016. Zapraszamy do śledzenia naszej strony – szczegóły już wkrótce!

The Klezmatics, New York Klezmer Band will play at the 13th Singer’s Warsaw Festival

The Klezmatics are without a doubt the most successful proponents of klezmer music in the world.

Currently, the legendary music group is creating by five members: Lorin Sklamberg (lead vocals, accordion, guitar, piano), Frank London (trumpet, keyboards, vocals), Paul Morrissett (bass, tsimbl, vocals), Matt Darriau (kaval, clarinet, saxophone, vocals) and Lisa Gutkin (violin, vocals).

KlezmaticsPhoto: Adrian Buckmaster

During their quarter-century existence they have collaborated with such brilliant artists as violinist Itzhak Perlman, Pulitzer prize-winning playwright Tony Kushner and Israeli vocal icon Chava Alberstein, plus many other prominent artists working within multiple genres.

The performance of the Klezmatics will take place at September 4, 2016.

See more at:

Szczęśliwego święta Pesach! Happy Passover!


Wszystkim naszym przyjaciołom życzymy szczęścia i radości z wszystkich dobrych rzeczy w życiu oraz wesołych, pogodnych i spokojnych świąt Pesach!

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