Wishing you and your family a joyous and peaceful festive season.

May you be blessed with lots of love from the ones that matter most.

Happy Hanukkah!


The team of the Shalom Foundation

Shana Tova!


To all of our Friends,

 on the occasion of Rosh Hashanah, we wish you a sweet and good New 5779 Year!

 Gołda Tencer and the Shalom Foundation team

All That Jazz on the Jewish Culture Festival Singer’s Warsaw

25 August – 2 September

Jazz lovers know that Singer’s Warsaw Festival is one of the most interesting jazz events on Warsaw’s jazz calendar. This year, the program is exceptionally rich because the Festival’s edition is special – double jubilee. It is the 15th anniversary of the Festival and the 30th anniversary of the Shalom Foundation – the founder and the executive body behind the event.

Our Festival is a bridge connecting tradition and modernity, it is a tribute to the exceptional heritage and openness to novelties, freshness and experiments. We are not afraid of daring artistic projects, we welcome uncompromising, open artists. This is Singer’s Warsaw, says Gołda Tencer, the founder and the artistic director of Warsaw’s Jewish Culture Festival.

Concerts, meetings and workshops will take place in various locations in Warsaw, mainly in Kwadrat Theatre, the Nożyk Synagogue, on the Summer Stage of the Jewish Theatre, in Harenda Club and in the Austrian Cultural Forum. Concerts will be given by excellent, appreciated and long-awaited musicians from Poland and many other corners of the world. International bands and ensembles, unexpected connections, multicultural music projects will ensure a high and original level of concerts.  Every jazz lover will find something worth taking part in.

The artistic director of Singer Jazz Festival is Adam Baruch, the notable music critic. With his help, the Festival will feature not just the concerts and musical workshops, but will also offer the opportunity to meet the favorite musicians. The series of meetings TELL ME YOUR STORY will be a unique chance to listen to what the celebrities have to say about themselves, their artistic output and creative contexts. Adam Baruch’s guests will include Kenneth Dahl Knudsen, Theo Jörgensmann, Verneri Pohjola and Dominique Pifarély.


And what will be happening on Festival’s stages?

The inaugurating concert will be given by Oleś Brothers and Theo Jörgensmann, who, after a few years apart meet again on the Festival’s jazz scene featuring their concert entitled TRANSGRESSION. Theo Jörgensmann – German instrumentalist recognized as one of the most remarkable artists of the jazz clarinet sound and Oleś Brothers featuring Marcin Oleś (double bass) Bartłomiej Oleś (percussion), are the top Polish jazzmen and improvisation artists. Their original approach to music can be examined on nearly forty released albums. They have the status of one of the most creative artists on the Polish and European music scene. As a trio, they have been working together constantly since 2003. For years, they have worked on their own, unique style. Presented on the Festival, their latest album is the essence of the style exactly – the voices of three music individualists come together creating the music that is full of narration, virtuosity, beautiful melodies and steaming with jazz dynamism.

Theo Joergensmann, photo by Press materials of the artist

 It will not be the only concert featuring Theo Jörgensmann. He will also perform with three young, interesting jazz bands. The first one being the Sundial Trio – Wojciech Jachna (trumpet), Grzegorz Tarwid (piano), Albert Karch (percussion), the second is the group em3 featuring Emil Miszk (trumpet), Adam Żuchowski (double bass) and Sławomir Koryzno (percussion), whereas, the third one will be Stanisław Słowiński Trio, featuring: Stanisław Słowiński (violin), Justyn Małodobry (double bass) and Dawid Fortuna (percussion). The concerts will take place in Harenda Club.

 The international stars will include Dominique Pifarély, the famous French violinist, who will give his performance during the concert entitled VIOLIN SUMMIT. He will be accompanied by Adam Bałdych and Mateusz Smoczyński as well as RGG Trio featuring Łukasz Ojdana, Maciej Garbowski and Krzysztof Gradziuk.

Dominique Pifarély

Kenneth Dahl Knudsen’s quintet featuring an international lineup will present compositions from their latest album called TÉTÉ. Right next to the Danish composer and bandleader we will see equally congenial musicians: Miami-based Israeli saxophonist, Uri Gurvich, Costarican percussion artist, playing with Julio Iglesias on an everyday basis, Rodolfo Zuniga, the rising star of the French jazz piano music, Gauthier Toux and the very talented Polish-Congolese guitarist, Brian Massaka. The roots of the musical inspirations for the compositions featured on the album TÉTÉ are in the rhythms of Africa and Latin America, whereas, in terms of expression, they resort to the Jewish folk songs. They also draw from generally defined European music tradition. But first and foremost, they are very bold, pioneering compositions.

And a concert that is promised to be particularly lyrical, WOMAN IN BLACK, featuring Sasha Strunin – Polish singer with Russian roots and Gary Guthman Quartet and the leader, Gary Guthman – American trumpet player living in Poland, Piotr Wrombel (piano), Paweł Pańta (double bass) and Cezary Konrad (percussion). This is a “jazz noir” music story about the transition of a very young girl into a conscious woman and a mature artist. The excellent compositions and modern arrangements by Gary Guthman combine swing and jazz with contemporary sounds supported by the singer in this beautiful story about womanhood make up for a wonderful musical show.

There will also be many famous and loved Polish celebrities. Jazz Band Młynarski-Masecki will perform a concert called NOC W WIELKIM MIEŚCIE [NIGHT AND THE CITY]. An excellent pianist, Marcin Masecki has joined forces with Jan Emil Młynarski and together they launched a band that resorts to the old tradition of Polish jazz bands between the world wars. Jazz Band’s repertoire includes swing compositions that are mostly unknown today. There will also be several unique tangos, the music that made Polish composers famous around the world. The whole venture focuses on the spirit of Adam Aston, a well-known, prewar Polish popular singer, Henryk Wars, the most important Polish prewar pianist, arranger and composer as well as Jerzy Petersburski and brothers Artur and Henryk Gold. Marcin’s arrangements and Janek’s voice give the compositions a breath of fresh air making the music more up to date and functional, for dancing and for thrills.

Dorota Miśkiewicz’s fans will be happy to hear that the singer will also perform during Singer Jazz Festival. She will be accompanied by the pianists: Włodzimierz Nahorny, Marcin Wasilewski and Piotr Orzechowski as well as Atom String Quartet featuring Dawid Lubowicz (violin), Mateusz Smoczyński (violin), Michał Zaborski (viola), Krzysztof Lenczowski (cello). Entitled PIANO.PL, the concert is a continuation of the unprecedented venture that took place in May 2016 in Warsaw, during which Dorota Miśkiewicz was joined on the stage by more than a dozen of the most remarkable Polish pianists representing three generations. In her concert, Dorota Miśkiewicz will pay a tribute to Polish pianism. The piano is Polish specialty, with so many excellent musicians, the pianists in Poland are the ones taking the lead, she says. From Frédéric Chopin, an excellent composer, pianist and… Improviser! –  to the world famous Krzysztof Komeda. The recording of the concert was greatly appreciated by the music circles and in addition to the nomination to 2016 Fryderyk Award, it brought Dorota Miśkiewicz and the album itself many other prestigious awards and prizes. Singer’s Warsaw Festival’s audience will have a unique chance to listen to a slightly “smaller” but no less impressive and remarkable presentation of the one and only venture of Dorota Miśkiewicz and the top Polish pianists at once.

Nahorny2_fot. Piotr Gruchała
Włodzimierz Nahorny, photo by Piotr Gruchała

CONTEMPORARY SONUS, the musical project will be presented by RGG group together with Verneri Pohjola, a Helsinki-based trumpet player and composer. RGG band will feature: Łukasz Ojdana – an expressive pianist representing a younger generation of the European musicians, Maciej Grabowski – a double bassist who explores the motives from the 20th century artists and binds his compositions with Slavic lyricism and Krzysztof Gradziuk – recognized as one of the most original percussion players on the contemporary European music stages.

We welcome all jazz lovers, music lovers and everyone who enjoys creative fusions, unexpected associations and impossible combinations to come and join the jazz fiesta. Anything can happen during Singer Jazz Festival!


The Jubilee 15th Jewish Culture Festival – Singer’s Warsaw. International and multicultural. Stars and young artistic discoveries

25 August – 2 September 2018

This will be a special, Jubilee, 15th edition of the Jewish Culture Festival.

Extremely lavish, full of stars and young artists. 9 days of the cultural feast, more than 200 events, over 250 artists from Poland and other corners of the world. Multiple musical and theatrical genres, a mixture of styles and trends – and it all comes with one common denominator: inspired by both traditional and contemporary Jewish culture.

Singer Festival is a renowned brand and Warsaw’s cultural showcase. Every year, at the end of summer holidays and the beginning of the new school year the areas surrounding Grzybowski Square, the Synagogue and Próżna Street become an epicenter of festival events. But the festival wave will take whole Warsaw: theatres, concert halls, music centers, clubs and cafes, outdoor locations from East to West of the city – all will offer concerts, shows, film screenings, dance workshops, walks and literary meetings. Spread over several days, this will be the time and a cultural feast of the city with something interesting for everyone.

The 15th Festival will be truly international. Our guests will come from Israel, USA, Germany, France, Denmark, Belgium, Spain and Japan. International music bands and theatre groups will prove that art is beyond, that it connects, enriches and inspires. Singer’s Warsaw is a multicultural feast which shows that the intermingling and intertwining of cultures can set a creative sparkle and a path of artistic development, it can crash bad emotions and social tensions, make us realize that we are a community of people who dream about beauty, good and peace.
Music – from cantors to the Japanese street marching band

As every year, we will host stars and young, original artists.
The Festival will be inaugurated by the grand, première concert of cantors in the Nożyk Synagogue. This year, brothers Yaakov and Shulem Lemmer from the United States will give performance. They will be joined on stage by the cantoral choir Kolot Israel (Israeli Voices) from Jerusalem.

The Festival’s finale will feature the show of the gripping and charismatic violinist, Ara Malikian, who mixes and blends Jewish, Arabic, Argentinian, Spanish and Roma themes in his music. We will hear surprising interpretations of classical masterpieces composed by, nonetheless, Vivaldi, Mozart, Paganini, the iconic compositions by Led Zeppelin, Jimi Hendrix and David Bowie as well as pieces written originally by the amazing artist. Malikian’s concert is a show during which the unique violin playing comes with the amazing choreography, dance, costumes, colors and special effects. It’s a force of nature!

AraMalikian (live)-7
Ara Malikian, photo by Press materials of the artist

Between the inauguration and the finale, we will hear 9 concerts given by the outstanding Polish and international musicians. The Jubilee Festival will host and feature: the famous violinist, Dominique Pifarély from France, Kenneth Dahl Knudsen’s quintet (Denmark) with international lineup presenting the tracks from the latest album TÉTÉ. Dorota Miśkiewicz with Atom Street Quartet will give the concert PIANO.PL. We will also hear Gary Gutman in his joint music project, WOMAN IN BLACK, which he prepared with the vocalist Sasha Strunin, as well as Włodzimierz Nahorny, Marcin Wyrostek, Adam Bałdych, Mateusz Smoczyński. Whereas, the jazz reveal of the festival will be launched by TRANSGRESSION project of Oleś Brothers & Theo Jörgensmann who will meet again on the jazz scene of Singer’s Warsaw Festival. This year, the musical event of the festival will be the latest project of Jazz Band Młynarski-Masecki who will play a truly mesmerizing collection of songs written and composed during twenty years of peace between the two world wars – a new life for the works of Henryk Wars, Jerzy Petersburski, Artur and Henryk Gold.

Dorota Miśkiewicz, photo by Honorata Karapuda / Universal Music Polska

We will have an opportunity to meet an unusual group from Japan. Jinta-la-Mvta blends modern Tokio street music with traditional Klezmer and Balkan themes.

jinta mvta
Jinta-la-Mvta, photo by Press materials of the band

During their concert, JEWISH LIFE, PORTRAITS OF THE PAST, MazikDuo will offer the fans more classical sounds. Here, the classical and klezmer music will interlace, masterfully arranged by the clarinet player, Tolo Genestar and the pianist, Marc Sumsi.
And if you like music and humor, you will be happy to hear about the new program, TOGETHER WITH BROTHERS, featuring Sława Przybylska and Janusz Tylman who will traditional and modern Jewish songs in Yiddish and Hebrew. Furthermore, WoWaKin Trio will introduce us to modern arrangements of traditional Polish folk pieces, including the Jewish ones.
And that’s all, in a nutshell.

Singer Theatre Festival

Theatre fans know very well that the Festival is a time for celebrating the stage and seeing Polish and international shows in various stage formulas. This year, the theatre program is particularly plentiful. First of all, with pleasure, we announce Yiddishpiel Theatre from Israel and their wonderful stage show “Only Fools Never Get Sad” – Daniel Amagor’s hit that was loved by so many world’s stages, Broadway among others.

only fools are sad
“Only fools are sad”, photo by Press materials of the Theatre

Also from Israel, we will be hosting Nephesh group who will present their own stage adaptation of the classical “Gimpel the Fool” written by I. B. Singer and “Hana’s Suitcase” by Emil Sher. Warsaw’s Jewish Theatre will present the best currently played stage shows, including: “Ida Kamińska,” “The Last Son,” “Wiera Gran,” “Itzik’s Midrash,” “Just Like the Old Cabaret,” “A Few Foreign Words in Polish”, “Kasrylevka Town.”

“A Few Foreign Words in Polish”, photo by Magda Hueckel

The versatility of Festival’s offer

In addition to concerts and theatre shows, the Festival will offer a great number of other kinds of events, including book promotions, meetings with authors, meetings with artists, film screenings, cooking workshops, workshops for children, educational walks around Jewish Warsaw and many, many others. Let us just mention literary meetings hosted by Remigiusz Grzela, for instance with Włodzimierz Paszyński who recently published “Książki z dobrej półki [Goodreads]” and promotion of Krystyna Gucewicz’s book “NOTES KRYSTYNY GUCEWICZ czyli Fołtyn w śmietanie [KRYSTYNA GUCEWICZ NOTEBOOK].” One of the meetings will be dedicated to Remigiusz Grzela’s book “Double Life of A Reporter. Fallaci. Torańska.”

30th Anniversary of the Shalom Foundation

The special appeal of this year’s Jewish Culture Festival Singer’s Warsaw is additionally highlighted by the fact that its founder and organizer, Shalom Foundation, is celebrating this year the 30th anniversary. Headed by Gołda Tencer, the foundation is pursuing the mission of cultivating and promoting the Jewish tradition in Poland and its abundance. The Festival is one of the Foundation’s most important ventures.

A double jubilee. A unique edition. It’s worth to come back home from holidays a bit earlier.

There are festivals. And there is Singer’s Warsaw.
A very special festival that takes care of the memory of Jewish-Polish cultural heritage and at the same time is open to new trends, young artists, multicultural, creative tension.


Baner Post.2018

Happy New Year!


We wish all our Guests and Viewers, Friends and Co-workers a successful and prosperous 2017. May this year brings all the desired success and happiness in your life that.

We wish ourselves that we again met you and played together during the next, the fourteenth edition of the Singer’s Warsaw Festival.

Gołda Tencer and The Singer’s Festival Team

Happy Hanukkah!


Wishing you and your family a joyous and peaceful festive season. May you be blessed with lots of love from the ones that matter most.

Happy Hanukkah!

Gołda Tencer and the Shalom Foundation Team

L’Shana Tova – wishing You a Good & Sweet New Year!

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On Rosh Ha Shanah 5778 we wish You peace and happiness.

Have a sweet year!

L’Shanah Tovah!

Gołda Tencer

and the Shalom Foundation Team

Dear Guests, Artists and Friends of the Singer’s Warsaw Festival!

Thank you very much for being with us on all the concerts, performances, workshops and other events during last week.

On Sunday we have finished  the 14th edition of this special meeting with the jewish culture. It was special thanks to you and the atmosphere you made. For a moment on the streets of Warsaw did come back not only the world from I. B. Singer’s books but also all the best that the jewish culture has to offer.

We are more than happy that we could make it happen and without you it wouldn’t be possible, for which we are most grateful to you.

We already want to invite you to the next year’s, 15th edition of the Jewish Culture Festival “Singer’s Warsaw”!

Gołda Tencer and the Team of the Singer’s Warsaw Festival



Polish and international music stars come to the 14th Singer’s Warsaw Festival

Just as every year, Grzybowski Square and the surrounding areas will change into colorful, multicultural world echoing great music and the forgotten language. Singer’s Warsaw Festival will feature the best stars of Polish music stage and representatives of international klezmer music. We’ll have the long-waited premieres and innovative projects presented by the artists who play with words and sounds, use the history and the tradition of Polish-Jewish culture.

Foreign sounds

Music is the main element of Singer’s Warsaw Festival. Already a tradition, this year’s Festival will be officially opened by the concert performed in the Nożyk Synagogue and featuring the most excellent representatives of klezmer and cantoral music. This summer, the musicians will present a new project “Ahava Raba – peace, love, music” – an emotional interpretation of the prayer and blessing recited by Judaism followers during Shakharit – the morning Jewish religious customs. This will be the opportunity to see the world famous artists: Yaakov Lemmer, Patrick Farrell, Merlin Shepherd, Guy Schalom, Benjy Fox-Rosen and Frank London. The very same artists will also take part in the concert “FRANK LONDON & FRIENDS”.

lemmer fot Anya Roz
Frank London, fot. Anya Roz

Frank London, a New York based trumpet player and composer, one of the most excellent artists representing the so called New Jewish Music, will be introduced to the audience during the meeting “Tell me your story” hosted by Adam Baruch.

The Klezmers’ Night will feature the American artist, Daniel Kahn, an actor, director, script writer and poet. Together with his band, Daniel Kahn&The Painted Bird, he will present works that combine klezmer music with elements of punk and folk music as well as cabaret, all played on various instruments: accordion, clarinet, trombone, electric guitar. With their help, the band will perform, in an innovative way, both their original works and adaptations of Jewish songs and poems written by the authors who lived and worked the end of the 18th and beginning of the 20th century, including Mordekhai Gebirtig and David Edelstadt. Daniel Kahn will also present his second project, this time with the international super group, The Brothers Nazaroff, who are known for their Yiddish-folkpunk style they have dedicated to the legendary Russian immigrant from New York, known as Nathan “Prince” Nazaroff.

Strangelovesongs Sasha Daniel Duo Photo
Daniel Kahn & Sasha Lurje

And this is not the end of attractions that this versatile artist has prepared for you. Together with Sasha Lurje, he will create an intimate duo during the concert “StrangeLoveSongs” singing about love, desire, murder, nature and melancholia of weltschmerz in English, Yiddish, Ukrainian and Russian. And on Friday afternoon, Daniel Kahn and MY Association will take us on a music walk around the streets of Warsaw with the culmination point at Grzybowski Square, which at the time will host a celebratory Shabbat diner – Shabbat Shalom.

Polish sounds

Known for its great appreciation for Polish artists, every year the Festival invites young artists and top musicians to present their innovative projects on Festival’s stages.

This time, one of the shining stars will be Renata Przemyk who will present Leonard Cohen’s repertoire. During the concert “BOOGIE STREET” we’ll hear the songs from the show “Boogie Street” based on the “Book of Longing.” This time, the artist will add a handful of new arrangements of the greatest hits written by the famous folk & rock musician, such as “Suzanne” and “Hallelujah.”

We’ll be also participating in an encounter of two unique worlds of sensuality and sound. A band inspired by ethnic music in its broadest sense, KROKE will be hosting Warsaw premiere of its latest, eleven EP, “TRAVELLER.” For 25 years the band has been very successful on the music and concert stages.

Kroke & Anna Maria Jopek, fot. Jacek Dyląg

For their jubilee, they invited Anna Maria Jopek, a singer, composer, visionary and enthusiast. Their joint performance will be a unique fusion of original music that brings out many cultures, traditional music and past using innovative resources.

“From heart to heart” is Monika Chrząstowska’s recital featuring Wiera Gran repertoire. She will sing the composition of the famous Jewish singer of pre-war Warsaw, such as “Tango Notturno,” “Three Letters” and “La ve en rose.” Monika Chrząstkowska has been gifted with a powerful, deep voice and lyrical temperament, thus her beautiful performances of Jewish ballads and ambience compositions in jazz arrangement. The artist will perform with Paweł Leszczyński, an accordion player and pianist, winner of international and national accordion contests.

“Sefarad Nueva – Jazz style Sephardic songs” is a unique concert of Polish vocalist, Anna Riveiro and the pianist, Piotr Karol Sawicki. Together they will match traditional Sephardic songs and jazz sounds, contemporary harmony and colorful variety of piano keys.

The grand Nożyk Synagogue will be the venue of the classical music concert “Romanticism – Holocaust / 9 Masterpieces for quartet.” The quartet featuring Katarzyna Duda, Katarzyna Budnik-Gałązka, Jakub Jakowicz and Marcin Zdunik will perform works of two great composers. We’ll hear the arrangements of compositions written by the 19th century German romantic composer, Felix Mendelssohn-Bartholdy and Erwin Schulhoff, whose successful career was prematurely stopped by the growing Nazi regime in Germany.

Katarzyna Duda (color_small)
Katarzyna Duda, Jakub Jakowicz, Marcin Zdunik, Agnieszka Podłucka

Another interesting venue is the concert of Warszawskie Combo Taneczne and Jan Emil Młynarski. In their repertoire, the seven musicians include mostly pre-war songs that amused people so much 80 years ago during dancing parties and varieties as well as on the streets and in the yards of Warsaw. They managed to save from oblivion the beautiful Warsaw songs by presenting them with contemporary sound and arrangements that are close to originals.

Ethno music lovers will also find something interesting. Dimo Gorelik TRIO is a perfect mix of ethno-jazz sounds basing on the traditions of Israeli music matched with the influences from all over the world. The trio’s leader, who comes from Israel, is a guitarist, vocalist and composer and has been greatly appreciated by the listeners and critics, also in the form of prestigious music awards he received. He will be joined by one of the most original artists of the thriving jazz scene in Israel, the guitarist, Shachar Elnata and the bass player, Franciszek Pospieszalski, who performs with both folk projects and modern jazz formations.

During his original recital “Time changes everything,” Sławomir Zygmunt will use the accompaniment of guitar and mouth organ to present pieces written by excellent poets: Baczyński, Leśmian, Tuwim and songs of Leonard Cohen and Bob Dylan. The artist moves the audience with the simplicity and unpretentioness of his interpretations of poetry, creating a unique mood.

Slawomir Zygmunt. foto S. Rawski
Sławomir Zygmunt, fot. S. Rawski

And finally, the concert “Yiddish on the grass” will offer the audience the pleasure of watching and listening to two Polish-born musicians who currently live in Israel, Rajfer Sisters. Full of glamour and temperament, the popular and charming artists will present their songs in Yiddish, Hebrew, Gypsy and Polish

Traditional Jewish music presented through modern and energizing improvisation comes with multiplicity of sounds and instruments. Our Festival is the finest validation that Yiddish language and culture remain the living, developing and evolving organisms that follow the needs of people today. Come and celebrate with us the feast of Jewish culture and art!

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